Thursday, December 4, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

During my train ride this morning, the words I'm typing now, where fresh in my mind. You see, the truth is, I was experiencing some difficulties and I wasn't feeling well. Everything in my body was screaming, "Go home!" and everything in my mind was saying, "Push through! Pray!"

It was on that train, being pressed on by strangers from all sides, that I closed my eyes and began to speak God's word into my spirit. I began to recall promises of healing, of comfort, of strength and hope. As the words of faith poured from the deep reservations of my memories into my heart, I realized this was the message to share today.

I had to write it down and tell you to PUSH THROUGH!
I had to come home and write, GET UP and KEEP BELIEVING!

I became encouraged and filled with anticipation and I realized that maybe you were feeling crappy today, too. Maybe you were sick, feeling pain, or just plain uncomfortable. 

I know what it's like to pray and wait, and no answer, no healing, nothing.....

But, see what happened here? God just plainly says, "Look, I'm with you. My grace is enough for you." In other words, "I got you. I'm with you. I am working in you. I am doing something in your life, and in your body that you can't understand. I will not go away. All you need is me. All you  need is my power in you. All you need is to believe and hold on."

My redeemer lives!
Your redeemer lives!
He is our hope and our peace.
He is our deliverer and our healer.
Yes, He heals! He heals our sickness, our pain, our hurts.
He heals us even while we are still taking medication.
He heals us even as we lay in the hospital not knowing what's wrong.
He hears our prayer and He answers according to His will.
He heals the broken hearted.
He restores broken marriages. I am proof of it.
He restores families. I can testify to his greatness.
He delivers us.
He is our redeemer and He lives to do great things in us.

Will you trust Him?
Will you believe Him?
Will you surrender it all to Him?
Will you allow your heart to hope and hold on?
Push through.
Don't fall down and give up.
Push through the storm.
Push through your pain.
Push through, my brother.
Push through, my sister.
Push through the troubles, the pain and the hard times.
You are not alone.
God is going to push with you.
Push through.



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