Thursday, March 19, 2015

On Heavenly Wings

Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago

Ariana's eyes opened as her body responded to the strong winds swirling around her. Something wasn't right. The weight and ache on her flesh proved she had gone through some physical confrontation, but this? Where was she and how did she get here?

Painfully forcing herself upward, Ariana discovered she was on top of a massive creature, soaring through the heavens in it's final stages of daylight. She searched her memory to try and recall what had happened, and nothing, absolutely nothing. But here, here on this giant feathered creature, her mind stung from trying to understand how she ended up on top of what seemed a mythical eagle like beast, soaring higher and higher towards mountains that were hidden behind sparkling clouds. Giant wings gracefully and slowly moved up and down, beckoning her to rest, to trust, and to wait. 

The mountains were far away, but they were visible. She tried to remember. She tried to cast her cares upon the back of this beast, but the bruises she now ran her fingers through as she found one, then another, were reminders, that the physical nightmare she could not remember was far from over.

She closed her eyes as tears flowed without reason. The wind somehow seemed to comfort her and she lifted her pain filled arms up to embrace the heavens that carried her to her unknown destination. "Perhaps I'll remember what happened when I get to those mountains ahead." She spoke in her thoughts and then did the only thing natural for lifted arms.

She cried. 

And then,
She prayed.

"Wake up, Ariana!!" her husband said, moving her gently, "Wake up! You're having a nightmare."

Ariana realized the Giant Eagle was quickly spiraling downward and she couldn't hold on, she couldn't hold on.

As she yelled out, getting ready to be thrown off on to the ground, she placed her hands out to meet the floor. Instead, her husband's hands caressed her shoulders and the moment she opened her eyes to realize it was just a dream, she remembered....

She remembered.
Once more her body reminded screamed out and reminded her the battle had just begun. Her head ached something fierce and her heart raced without question.
And so, not knowing what else to do,
Knowing and understanding the storm was getting ready to hit her once more, but in never ending waves, like never before, she did the one thing she had been reminded to do.

She cried.
And then,
She prayed.

I don't know if you're getting ready to face the firing squad of another battle in your life. Physically or emotionally, they drain us and leave us scarred and wounded. Even when we believe we have been victorious in the trial, we look around us and see casualties of war reaching out to us.

Our families bare the pain of so many difficulties, and just as we believe we have it altogether, just as our families are walking together as one, seeking the Lord, and it seems everything has gotten better, our jobs are good, our health is better, just as it all seems to be falling in place, we get up, wipe off the dust and face the loud reminder that our fight is never over.

The enemy of our souls is always seeking to destroy, discourage and separate us from our faith and our families.
I urge you to pray. I urge you to hold on. I urge you to trust on the Lord for those who trust on the Lord will rise up with wings as eagles and well, you know the rest of the verse. God will sustain us through each difficulty. God will keep us through the news that come to assault and shake us up. God will walk us through every hard moment because we trust in Him and faint not.



By Angeline M Duran Santiago  The storm rages on and the winds buffet the lands in violent twirls. Some say it is the season for hur...