Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lord, I Am Asking For A New Day

Poem By Angeline M Duran Santiago

My prayer to the Lord in the form of poetry. Sometimes I just take my guitar and write out a song to the Lord. It is usually either my prayer or my praise. When my heart is heavy, I pray, I wait on Him, and I write, for I know that God will provide the words we need if we trust in Him.

When I feel broken
Shattered inside
Lost in my thoughts
Choosing to hide
Will you please come and pull me out
Take me away from fear and doubt?

When I feel helpless
Lost, alone,
Silenced in darkness
That it my home
Will you please come and pull me out
Take me away from all this pain.

Lord, if you take me
Hold me strong
For in your arms
Nothing will go wrong.
Lord, if you pull me
Out of this place
You can erase all
My mistakes.
Lord, if you lift me
Up, out and away,
I'm sure it will be
A new day.

A new day

A new day to take a new step
A new day to feel the sun upon my face
A new day to open my heart, anew
A new day to trust with abandonment to You.

Lord, if you take me
Please don't let go
I am afraid
Don't know where to go.
Lord, if you choose me
Be a Light for my path,
Restore peace
Remove all this wrath.

Lord, if you take me
Lord, hold me tight
If my days are dark,
Worse are my nights.
Lord, if you hear me,
And choose to change me,
Give me a new day
A day where I'm free!

A new day

A new day to run and never get tired
A new day to leap out in faith without fear
A new day to wait and listen to you,
Where I won't regret the choices I've made
Where I'm confident you've made a way
Where I'm never doubting for you plan is so clear
All that I need
All that I want
A new day.



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