Monday, April 27, 2015

*********HE IS AT WORK*********

By Angeline M Duran Santiago

He is,
God is,
at work in our situations.
You may not see Him,
I may not see Him, literally there,
But He is present,
Working it all out for our good.

Just because I don't see Him
In the rough patches,
In the broken pieces,
When I feel alone,
Doesn't mean He is absent.
He is present
Even when my eyes only see my problems.

Just because you don't hear His footsteps
Or His hand at work,
Just because I can't always hear his Voice
or His whispers through the storm clouds
It isn't proof He's walked away
Or has never been there.
Even when my ears can't grasp
the softness of His tip toeing around me,
He is present.
He is at work in me,
He is working it all out for my good.

He knows every part of the ME I am still struggling to comprehend
He knows every inch of my heart
And even when I think He has forgotten all about me,
He is present,
God is in attendance,
Working in my situation,
Working in my life,

In my body,
In my restlessness,

In my weariness,
Reaching out into my troubles
And working it all out for what is best for me.

God is at work,
His Holy Spirit is still moving today.
He moved in the darkness of never ending waters in the beginning of time
And now He is moving
Changing, restoring, plowing,
In the darkness that my life can sometimes become
In the still, lifeless waters of my heart,
Inside, deep inside the depths of my broken life,
Holy Spirit
Moving upon the waters,
Moving in the waters of all I am.
Stirring them,
Making me alive,
He is at work.
I am telling you,
Not because I can hear Him or see Him, or even feel Him,
My inability to prove those things just don't change the fact
that He is,
My God is,
The Lord of Lords is 
Working it all out in me,
He's working it all in you,
In your life,
Because He knows, most truly knows,
What is best, What we need,
He's at work
Completing what He has begun in you and me.



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