Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Poetry From the Heart 
By Angeline M Duran Santiago

I'm talking to you, girl!
Yes, to you.

Stop waiting to start what you have to start.
Stop waiting to get it done.
Stop sitting down and saying, "Later."

It's not going to get done, unless you get in, knee deep and start working.
It's not going to get accomplished, unless you push those sleeves up and back
And begin.
Walk forward, Get through it, but get it done.

I know you're tired, girl.
You think I don't see the exhaustion in your face?
You're a mess, girl. You need to get it together.
This isn't you.
Yes, I'm talking to you, girl, this picture before me is someone I don't know.

You are strong, girl,
No, you are stronger than strength.
God in you equals strength that never ends.

You are smart, girl.
No, you are capable of greater things than you've done before.
God has given you a Spirit of excellence.
He has chosen, equipped, prepared and told you to get going.
He's with you, behind you, and marching with you.

You are able, girl.
No, more than able.
Greater is He that is in you than he that is not only in the world, but coming against you to exhaust your desire to get up and get going.

You're a fighter girl.
You know that!
Since when did the enemy get a hold on you and get you on your face?
When did you start believing the liar when he speaks.
Forget that! When did you start paying the devil any attention at all?
No weapon formed against you is going to prosper, girl, unless you start focusing on all the weapons of destruction launched against you every day and start waiting to fall.

You're an overcomer!
You're victorious because Jesus Christ has placed His victory into your hands and told you to believe!
 Girl, you're not Alice in Wonderland.
You're not lost in la-la land and falling through the rabbit's hole.

Get on up, girl!
The countdown is almost over.
Get up, girl.
Don't stay broken.
Don't keep listening to those demeaning and oppressive words.
Get your eyes off of those things that push on you to weigh you down
Get your eyes on God's plan, God's triumphant song
Calling you to move to the beat of Heaven's Victory Dance.

Get up, girl.
Get up and dance!
Get up and fight your way through.

 It's gonna get down.
This great work before you will seem small if you place it all in God's hands.
The discouragement will disappear if you proclaim your trust in God's love for you.

Get on up, girl,
Woman of God, 
Woman of Praise,
Woman of war,
Fearless woman filled with God's Spirit 
Heir of God's promises,
Get up on up, girl.
God has called you to RISE! 



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