Saturday, April 18, 2015


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

What can separate (remove, take us away, make a wall between, build a bridge to keep apart, or force away) us, me, and you from God's Love? 

Someone will say, "You're going to believe, even when you are still sick? You're believing even when death showed up? You're going to hold on to that "faith" even when you keep going through such hard times?" And I can ask the agnostic, the atheist, the person who believes in everything else but the God of the bible, "Are you going to keep believing the way you do even when you are sick? Are you going to keep being an atheist when someone you love dies or ends up in the emergency room? Are you going to continue saying you're an agnostic or all hell breaks loose in your life and you decide to such hope for the best?

We've all chosen our path with or without a faith based support system. We've chosen to be lined up with those that believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ or we've chosen to believe in any hundred other versions that answer what we believe or don't believe. 

At the end of it all, someone's choice to see me as foolish or to both believe the way I do, cannot change or separate me from what I have chosen to hold on to. When I think of this scripture, I think of a boat sailing away and never returning. I envision an airplane flying to an unknown destination. So, I have to understand completely that what I am declaring has to be real or nonsense to my mind and heart. I tell my kids, nothing should shake our faith. If trouble comes knocking at our door, in the midst of the shakedown, hold on to your faith. If sickness comes or continues to hang out, as you're evicting every disease in Jesus Name, nothing can separate us from God's love.

God will continue to love you and me, when we are pulled apart the way a boat or airplane separates families and friends. There can be no barriers, no excuses, no contradictions and definitely no compromises. If you and I are going to follow the Lord, it's going to have to be truly believing that His claim to be who He is, is not only real and true, but that His claim to keep His Word and be with us through every moment in our lives is going to be real also.

Nothing can separate us....
Nor sickness, Nor poverty, Nor riches, Nor fame.

Nothing can keep us apart....
Persecution, Personal attacks, Gossip, Problems.

Nothing can remove us from God's hands....
Life's situations that can be traumatizing, hardship, emergencies, death, misunderstandings, betrayal.

I am convinced, and I ask the Lord to help me be true to what I confess to believe. I will believe in God's promises to keep me together, to keep my family in peace, because come what may, nothing should separate us from God' s love.



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