Thursday, April 16, 2015

This Is For You

By Angeline M Duran Santiago

This is for you.
For you who lives each moment looking for different ways to encourage others.
You who searches the scriptures, with different faces in your mind, 
Trying to find the perfect one,
Their needs ever before you,
Because you've been praying for them,
They've become a burden you carry,
And you search for a word of hope,
A ray of sunshine that says, "You're not alone."
You get up and walk slowly to the restroom,
You hold on to the sides of the sink
And you pray for strength for one more day,
Not for you,
Not because you feel you deserve any mercy,
But, because you think of others,
You see those who depend on you,
Who need you,
And although your legs are heavy,
You keep, keep holding on.
Even though your body wants to push you back into the bed,
You keep on, keep on holding on.

This is for you,
Who through rain and snow,
Through sickness and more sickness,
You press the go button and plan
according to what you feel others need,
You put your cares aside for just a few minutes
And pray that each word will tug at a heart
And hear the call of the Lord saying,
"You're not alone. Keep, keep holding on."

This is for you.
For you who tries to inspire,
To Motivate,
To lift up those who have given up,
You celebrate those who are doing something for the Lord,
Or maybe just taking baby steps,
You make a big deal anyways, 
Because you,
You are a world changer and you know it takes one life at a time.
You want to make a difference,
And, so you cover your present pain,
Share only as needed about your personal struggles
Your body, a monument with battle scars
Is something only few have seen,
Still, onward you march
Waving a Victory Flag that says, "Go! Run!
Keep on Keeping on!
Keep holding on! 

Your voice, an echo of consolation,
Filling the airwaves with the message of hope,
Sending the sound of redemption
Of Calvary's triumph,
Through the winds of our time,
This is for you.
Thank you,
Thank you for your obedience to speak the Word
In and out of season,
Thank you for sharing a song
When your own song was filled with a cry for help,
You played a song of Victory, never ending worship
Never ending Praise
To the healer, to the Redeemer, To the One who loves us.
Thank you.

Lovingly dedicated to the Christian Radio DJs, but especially to two who are living the scripture, "These are they who are turning the world upside down" Acts.
With love, for Tito, family prayer warrior
With love, for Alex, for joining in Tito's vision 
With love, for my brother, Tito, who took his love for the Lord and turned it into one amazing ministry. For Alex, who joined with him to make the praises and the word of the Lord known.

Dedicated to the DJs at




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