Wednesday, April 15, 2015


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

If I begin to share just a fraction of what I've been going through lately, fact is, a thousand people can write back and say, "Girl, you ain't going through nothing, yet. Let me tell you what I've been through." And, fact is, it's all true. Someone's pain may always hurt more. Someone's situation will always be worse. Our complaint will always seem small compared to our neighbors scream for help. My problem may seem like a spec compared to someone, who although may have remained quiet and not even shown their troubles, may be facing their own firing squad when it comes to matters of the heart, everyday situations and just plain life.

I've often wondered, "Lord, when do we stop praying for the answer?" I mean, sometimes, it just seems we move forward, believing that somehow, He is guiding us and walking with us as we take the next steps. Isn't it hard though? Sometimes the answer doesn't appear like the smoke letters made by an airplane in the sky. Sometimes we don't hear that audible voice, "Angie, take that apartment and don't worry about anything." Sometimes, we are in the waiting zone, as if we were in the game, Family Feud, waiting to see if we know the answer and we just want to hit the button to see if we have the number one answer. Instead, I think I have the invisible panic button.

I wonder if God laughs every time I run around like a chicken without a head, looking for the panic button, when I need to be still and just believe that God is not going to let my life go to the dumps. You and I may not see the what we need to see right now, but I guess, that's what this Faith Walk is all about, right?

"But, my son is still sick!" You shout at me, and I could shout back, "So is mine!"

"I'm stuck in this rut and I can't get out!" You throw at me. I can reply and say, "Welcome to my world!"

We can go on and on, back and forth, trying to outdo one another with our woes and wrongs, and once more, I imagine our Great Awesome God just watching us to see when we'll run out of breath and finally change our conversations, change our attitudes, and throw away the panic button. I imagine the Lord, "Any minute now....."
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock,
And He waits until something clicks in our hearts, in our minds, deep inside our spirit and revelation and understanding come alive and the panic button disappears because, "I got it!!!!"

So, instead, of,  "Ay, bendito, muchacho, what I've been going through, I'm dying like a dead man, almost." and instead of, "Brother, I can't help you cause I'm wasted, man, walking like a zombie in dead man's valley, man, you know." And instead of, "Where's God!!!???"

We begin to put our faith into action. We put aside the hundred books on our bedside, dust off the Bible, and begin to look for God's promises and what the Lord says to us today. I love to find promises, highlight them, then place a P next to it so that every time I see it, I'm reminded it's a promise for me and my family. Sometimes I even write the date if God speaks to me in regards to something, and this way, when the answer comes, I have promises that have stayed with me through my every step.

So, panic button go away! Arise the positive speaker in you. Arise the person of faith and the believer in God's mercy, goodness and love.

You are there. Hidden somewhere. You are that person that will not only speak forth words of life into your own situation, but into others. You will declare the works of the Lord! You will not only inspire yourself, but others. You will get up and do great things. So, panic button away, and watch out world, as God's people step out in faith.



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