Tuesday, July 21, 2015


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

I don't know if you've ever found yourself living here, a place called Broken.

It's right in the middle of Disillusioned Place and Hurting Road. 
I mean, without exaggeration, many of us have lived in this place at least once in our lifetime, if not more than once, and perhaps, just maybe, well, maybe you find yourself living in Broken Street today.

Broken is the place of well, broken dreams, where your hopes seem- and I mean "seem" crumbled.

It is that road that we end up at and we don't even know how we ended up driving, parking and moving in. Broken is the place where we find ourselves after we've opened the door to our past, to the hurts and the resentment that comes with the pain handed down to us from family and friends while we were going. We begin to sit, motionless, in the chair of our memories, and we begin to sink down into a pit that opens before us, sucking us deeper in as we keep our eyes on our pain, our past, and our sin. Broken is the place where we've willingly or maybe unwillingly walked in. 

It is the place of shadows that live in the crevices of our minds, with a horrible sound worse than the sound of thousands of bees, forever humming into the mind and reminding us, reminding you, that you cannot be set free. You see, Broken is the place where most- and I repeat most- of the voices you hear, tell you that you are stuck here, you cannot leave, you may not get up and run out.

When you live here, you are stuck in the sins of your past and your present. You live bound to the lies that every host of darkness has ever fed you. You hang on to your scars and remember your wounds, how many stitches you got, and how you just can't get over any of it.

You sit in that chair of bondage and feed upon the things that hurt you where only you can see and feel. You sit there looking into the videos and the magazines that chain you more and more to darkness, forgetting it's not just you that will be hurt, but those in your life, that love you.

You remain in the chair of unforgiveness, reliving over and over how you were hurt as a child, hurt in your marriage, used in a relationship, mistreated in school, lied to be your wife and cheated on by your husband. The hosts of hell, join you and keep the camera wheel turning like a never ending movie for you to focus on. They serve popcorn while you waste your nights crying over your wrong choices and not being able to forgive yourself- because you to have done some things you're not too proud of.

I can go on and on and talk about being broken, but I think you get the picture, or at least I hope you do. If you find yourself in this place called Broken, I know a way you can permanently change your address. 

My friend, once you move out and on with your life, don't look back, not even to see if you left that favorite shirt.

Not far away, just up ahead, there's a Place called Redemption. You don't have to pay anything to get there, but you will have to give up a lot. Truth is, you may have to give it all up. Well, sure, why not? Don't you want to get rid of the heavy burden, the sinful loads, the lies and the non-stop remembering of your painful past?

My friend, you're going to have to take a step towards a Place called Calvary. Jesus is there offering you a brand new lease. All the things you need for your new place of residency are included. Forgiveness, Restoration, New Mind, Strength, Healing, and well, the list goes on and on. The lease is paid for. He laid down His life to make sure you could live a life free of guilt, free of feeling like you are worthless, and free of being a marionette in Satan's theatre. Free- Free indeed. All you have to do is take that step of faith, believe, receive, accept that He loves you. He does. He loves you with all your scars, with your imperfections and your mess ups. He specializes in "ugly". He specializes in Broken people, hurting hearts, and crushed spirits.

He makes all things new. But, you're gonna have to take that step and tell Him that you're walking away from that old address and signing the lease on this new one He has offered you. And, it is yours to keep, like I said, for freebies. The only way of losing this awesome gift is by returning to those old habits, those familiar sins, by meditating on those wrong thoughts and memories of the past that only cause pain. Yes, you may live and walk as if you belong to Jesus, but deep inside your heart you know who you truly belong to. We either walk in the Light of God or the Dark of Satan. Easy as that. I'm tired of trying to write it in a nice way. You're either listening to El Shaddai or Lucifer. Your heart belongs to Jehovah, Lord of Hosts, or to the Father of Lies and Deceit, the Devil himself. Plain and simple. 

So, what will it be?

Tired of living in a place called Broken?

God offers you all things new, the past will be the past and He will embrace you and be with you always. He will be there when you're going through the withdraw of drugs. He will be with you when you want to stop looking at pornography and the thoughts keep popping up in your head. He will be there when you're trying to love someone you just forgave and they get up in your face and you feel like hating them all over again. God will be with you when you feel desperate and want to run. He will go for a jog with you and tell you to take your Ipod and listen to some worship and praise.

God ends the broken road. He heals the broken hearted. If you believe it, then receive it.
There's a place called Broken, but you were not created to reside there.

God bless you. If you've been blessed by any of my stories, testimonies or writings, please let me know. I'd love to know what God is doing in your life, too.

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