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By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Most likely, (and I might be wrong) the Scripture below is one you will rarely, even perhaps not really end up reading. But, I've got a Word to share and in order to hear it, you're going to have to get some background on where I'm coming from. So, I guess if you want to know what I have to say, you're going to have to read it, anyways. : )

2 Samuel 10New Living Translation (NLT)

When Joab saw that he would have to fight on both the front and the rear, he chose some of Israel’s elite troops and placed them under his personal command to fight the Arameans in the fields. 10 He left the rest of the army under the command of his brother Abishai, who was to attack the Ammonites. 11 “If the Arameans are too strong for me, then come over and help me,” Joab told his brother. “And if the Ammonites are too strong for you, I will come and help you. 12 Be courageous! Let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God. May the Lord’s will be done.”

I just sort of ended up here, reading this (isn't that usually the case?) or I'd rather say that God allowed my eyes to end up here to show me this story and then give me a Word.

Short version of most of this chapter is this:
After David sends his "My Condolences" with his men, the new guy in charge instead of saying, "Wow! This King David actually cares." He instead listens to the voices around him and instead of embracing these men and telling them, "Thank you" his men shave their beards off and rip their clothes in the back leaving their poor behind all showing for the world to see. Their shame and what is done to David's men comes before David, and David goes from sending 1-800-Flowers to "This means war!" And, of course, this new King Hanun, says, "Oops!" realizing his error and instead of quickly apologizing and repenting, he calls other armies to join his.

Well, my favorite part here is how Joab sees that there are armies in the front of them and armies on their back side. (Hmmm, ever felt like the enemy was not only all up in your face, but on your back as well?) Next, I love the way Joab decides to handle the area where the most enemies are and he arrays, lines them up strategically, in battle formation, setting them up. He chooses his elite troops (my interpretation- prayer warriors-that elderly group in the church so ofter forgotten) to fight this group. He goes all out, ready to face the enemy out in the open. He's got his very best of his mighty men. Then it says he left the rest of the army to his brother to fight the other group. Yes, he talks out to his brother, Abishai, "Hey, muchacho! Me and the guys, we are gonna take these thousands over here and you and the guys, well, you take the rest." Like a simple, confident conversation because they knew who they were and who had always given them the VICTORY!

And this is where I got all excited on the train ride to work and wanted to praise the Lord! 

11 “If the Arameans are too strong for me, then come over and help me,” Joab told his brother. And if the Ammonites are too strong for you, I will come and help you."
The version I have on my kindle reads, I will be your deliverer and you will come and rescue me.

They're getting ready to fight and he tells his brother, "We're going to go at it, mi hermano, but while I am fighting, I will keep my eyes on you. While you're fighting, keep looking out for me." That's when it hit me. 

"While I am going through the battle, fighting on my knees or however I end up having to face my enemies, I keep my eyes on my brothers, my family, my husband and my kids. I keep my eyes on those that are also by side, on the battlefield or nearby. While I am fighting and pressing through, I know, that if it ever gets to where the enemy seems to overpower me, is stronger than me, or I fall down, my brother is right there to run to my side and be my helper, my deliverer. He will come on my side, and fight with me, side by side like they do in the karate movies- all like a dance to me. 

And yes, my eyes on my brother, my mom and dad, my family, as they are facing the enemy on their side of the battle. I too, watch from afar and when they seem like they can't make it, I run to their side and I pick them up, the swords hit one another, "Clink. Clink." and together- I said, together- we strike the enemy down."

But, look here. They didn't have to fight or do much.

They stood their ground. 
They lined up for battle. Great formation. Confident in their victories after facing giants.

When Joab and his troops attacked, the Arameans began to run away. 
(The version I have in my Kindle says, "When they moved forward" the Arameans ran away." If I can describe this, it's like when they dance and someone out dances the other person and you just got served, or some use to say, "Ah, you got burned!" It's like, "Whoops, there it is! I didn't have to do anything, just look like I was ready to get it going and .....then.....they....what? THEY RAN!"

The moment it sort of started, the armies of thousands did a big, "Oh, No! Let's get out of here guys!" and off they went running like men that had just seen ghosts. 

As I read this over and over, I understood what the Lord was showing me. After some hard times, I shared with my mom, The Warrior Chief, some of the ways the enemy had been attacking our family, our home, our health, my marriage and finances. She gave me two options.

1. Quit
2. Fight

She said, "If you quit, you walk away and let it be. If you fight, it's going to be only one way- (Old school baby) The Word says this only comes out with prayer and fasting. So, what's it going to be, girl?"

And, as we made an agreement to enter into this time of prayer, this Scripture falls into my hands and she was my Joab and I was Abishai. I believe this is how the Lord wants families to be, brothers and sisters in Christ to be, ready to cover one another in prayer- I have your back in the battle and I know you have mine. I believe God is showing my family that prayer is more than what we thought it was, there's something more and something new that the Lord is doing. But, we have to train our children and our families to be ready for the battle. We need to make them sure of themselves when they stand on that battle line on that battle field with the enemy in front of them and behind them. They need to know they are mighty and that these enemies can also run if we are trusting God and holding on to His Word.

I also saw this: Though the battle time, we are not alone because God is saying, "When it feels like the enemy is getting stronger, I will come and deliver you. He is our Deliverer. And I hear him telling me, "When the enemy is too strong for you, I will come and rescue you!"

So, mi familia, mi gente, God is telling us to work together against the enemies that rise out of no where and for no reason like in this story. God is saying, "Prepare for battle and look out for one another. Fight together. Stand together." Am I writing because I wanted to brag about praying or taking a few moments to fast? Nope, my friend, this brings me nothing to put it up on a banner near a bridge where everyone sees it. I want to encourage you. You have a choice to make:
1. Quit
2. Fight

I'm not running! Will you? I'm going to believe in God for my breakthrough! Can you?
I am going to press on for healing in my family. Do you need healing? I'm going to fight for deliverance from oppression, and every work of the enemy against me and my family. Will you stand by and see them hurting, confused, depressed and suffering when all we have t do is hear the call to battle and take a stand. You have the Sword (God's Word) in your hand, before you eyes, in your lips and in your heart. Don't you think you can take this enemy on and win? In the Name of Jesus, we can do great things. Will it be easy? Nope. Most likely it will be really hard, and for us as we pray, it has gotten harder in many areas and ways, but we are standing, guarding each other's backs and trusting that God, the One who gives Victory- will keep us victorious til the end.

Reach out to someone to pray with. Daughters and Sons, reach out to your parents. Husbands and wives, come together for more than intimacy, late night TV, arguments and putting each other down, Married couples come together in prayer and fight the enemy that is attacking your marriage, your relationship, your children, their health, your finances and other areas of your life. Family- Pray together. I don't know what else to say, Pray.

NOTE: When I talk about the Scriptures on my Kindle, they come from The Lexham Faithlife Study English Bible.



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