Saturday, July 11, 2015

IDENTITY STATUS .......................... STILL PENDING

By Angeline M Duran Santiago

You say that you believe
In your heart you did receive
the Word of Truth, Saving Grace,
You took Salvation in an Embrace.

You say, Jesus in you
Is gonna start shining through
And that He does when you're among
The ones who claim to follow the Son.

But, walk away, church crew disperse
You'd think, "Time to practice. I did rehearse."
And as you walk through streets and roads
The Chameleon in you begins to pose.

In and out of conversations
You blend with such ease.
You agree and disagree
Your motto, "Always keep the peace."

You say, "God is love, God is love,
He never pushes people away."
There's partial truth to what you preach
Here's the part you forget to teach.

It's the sin, (the sin) that cause separation,
It's God's love,constantly reminding
That if we turn our backs on sin
Our hearts to Him we're reconciling.

You say, "We're all God's children.
God loves us all." He does.
But if you're going to say it right, 
You can't leave this piece aside.

We are all His Creation,
Designed with purpose
Way before we entered into our days of life
We are all His Creation, 
Given free will to choose
Our path and what we say is right.

So we're not all His children
For if His we truly were
We'd all gladly call Him, "Daddy!"
And easily follow after His heart.

For God's children fearlessly follow
What He's left in those Ancient Scrolls,
They're not ashamed to live each day
To dance to the song of Freedom in each Word.

But, you, you my friend, where are you?
Is your Identity still pending?
Are you easily persuaded
By the laws this land's now trending?

Are you camouflaging daily
Can't you firmly stand your ground?
Part-time Christian when convenient
Adapting with each new sound.

Oh, you may say, "If we're to win the sinner, we're to love them and be with them. Jesus had dinner with sinners."
Good. I'm glad you've read that part.
You see, Jesus sat with sinners, 
and He was giving them His heart.

And if they chose to follow
That life of sin could be no more
Jesus shared His uncompromising message gave all a choice
Walked out the door.

It's sin, my friend, the sin,
A wall between heaven and our heart
But if you don't believe it's sin
Do distinguish right and wrong in your heart?

Will you continue to walk in two waters
Live two lives, try to blend in?
Because you don't want to lose your friends or look wrong,
For the Faith you say you have in Him?

Change your clothes, Chameleon.
Change your clothes, Leave them at the feet of Jesus.
Stop changing the Word of God for your convenience
Start sharing the Word of God expecting His Presence.

God will fill you with His Spirit
If you believe and trust Him to use your life,
You will walk among corrupt company,
And never stop being a Light.

We don't have to agree with sin, be like sin,
We don't have to do what others do to get them to hear,
Be yourself, Let God live in you for real
Others will see, and draw near.

If your Identity Status is still pending,
Time with our Heavenly Father is a must,
To remind you who you are
And leave confusion in the dust.

My identity is in Christ,
Not in the stars, Not in a flag,
My identity is in Christ, 
Not in what horoscopes brag.

It's is in who God say I am,
Who He says I am,
Not my degree or lack thereof,
Just who He says I am.

I believe in the Price He Paid,
When He saw my sin, my pain, 
When He saw my mess, my confusion, all the dirt,
And still He may a way.

Left His Throne, and took my place,
So I don't have to fear death or the grave,
I went from bound to free, Free Indeed!

My Identity is in my Heavenly Father,
And that's enough for me.

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