Tuesday, September 8, 2015


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

I didn't invite him in, but he made his way in, somehow.
Yes, you're saying that somehow I left the door opened and this gave him the understanding it was okay to walk in, silently, unannounced. Perhaps. Maybe there was something I said or did, or didn't say that made him think he was invited. Lord only knows how these things happen.
An open door, left ajar, just enough to put the foot through and wait.
Wait until everyone is asleep and thinks it's safe, and then, he walked in, quietly.

The thing is that once he places his foot inside, the silence is gone.
There is a tumult and a wrecking that accompanies his entrance.
Peace immediately is disturbed.
Our senses and God's presence within us will immediately go on high alert.
"He is here."
"It has begun."
"So, get up."
"Get up and start again."
"Prepare yourself."
"For what?"

For what? I'll tell you for what?
To get him to get out! He can't stay! He must leave! He doesn't belong here.

And the voices say, "He won't leave easily. Once he enters, he makes himself comfortable and thinks he has a say in the house. Most visitors feel a right to think they're home. He thinks he's okay here."

"Tell him to leave."
"Tell him to pack and go!"

"But, how?" you ask. "How can I tell him to leave?"

It's your home. Command him to leave. Forbid him to return.
Close the door.

Someone says, "But, how do you know he's really there in the room?"

The sickness returns.
The headache returns.
The stress levels are out of control.
Peace becomes confusion.
Prayer time becomes a struggle.
Communication becomes a matter of angry words spoken.
Sickness refuses to leave.
There is a heaviness in the atmosphere.
You try to praise the Lord but you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, tired and beat down.

He is here. He may not even be alone.
Fear has crept in.
He invited him.
Sadness came to sit down near by.
Spirit of confusion, doubt, fear and lust have shown up to torment dreams.
Pain. There is pain in the body and the heart.

He must leave.

They must go!

Tonight I recognize that somehow, somehow, either I left the door open, I was negligent, or just didn't get ready for the battle before. Oh, how we forget that the enemy is forever seeking to destroy, to devour, and tear apart. We get excited when things are going well, but we should, we must always be on the alert, for our enemy is always seeking for an opportunity to visit God's children when they least expect it.

Tonight I need your presence to be greater than anything else in this world. Flood my home and move with me as I push the enemy out, command him and his company to exit and never return. Just as the blood on the door posts and window posts in the Old Testament served as a sign for the Angel of Death to pass by, Lord, I pray that the Name of Jesus and the precious Blood of Jesus, be visible on the door posts and windows of my home and the homes of my family and friends.

I am aware that what is taking place around me, around us, is an onslaught, a deliberate attack on my children, on their health, their emotions and ability to rise to function as they should. I see that the enemy comes to confuse, torment, and make us unable to walk forward. I know that we have VICTORY in you and in Your great Name there is power, peace and freedom.

I know the way to close the door is prayer, confession of my hope and faith in you, my mouth boldly praising and declaring that you reign and you are over all. You are Lord in my life and in my home. You are Healer, Redeemer, Counselor and Comforter.

Holy Spirit,
Have you way in my home.
Remove everything and anything that does not belong here.
Take out what will not bring glory to your name.
Keep away everything that will not serve your purpose.
Flood our home and our lives with your presence, your joy, and your promises.

And so I begin to write the ending.....

The Lord sends His angels to move as one with me.
We raise the banner of the Lord of Hosts and sound the Shofar that says, "Prepare for battle!"
With each step forward, we look like a dance troupe, moving in rehearsed succession raising our hands with authority and unction.

I am not afraid for you oh, Lord are with me. You are a shield around me. You are the Lifter of my head. You surround me with goodness. I am never alone. You are my strong and high tower!

With praise in our mouths, we push him back.
He won't move. He wants to fight. He pushes back.
We lift our praises and begin to speak God's Word. It is our Sword. It is powerful. More powerful than any other sword to ever be created. This sword is activated with my faith, my praise and my trust in God's presence fighting on my side. God is my defender. He fights this battle for me.

Declare His goodness and glory!
Bless His Name!
Speak the Word!

If God is for us, then who can be against us? Oh, but sometimes we forget, right? We think the battle will not come again, but it does and you know what? God shows up, again and again.

Is your child sick tonight? Are you battling sickness? Is your mind being tormented and your heart filled with anguish? Is depression making it's presence know again? Is the peace in your home on shaky ground? Do you recognize that the enemy has entered once again? Then you also know what to do.

He must go.
He will leave.
God has said it.
Speak it.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus, I command everything that doesn't belong in this home to leave now. I remind the enemy that he has zero authority in this family. Every scheme, plan and assignment from the enemy for my home and my family, once again, and for always, I cancel you, I sift you, I break you and discharge you. You have no permission in our home, our minds or bodies. Sickness you will leave, now, in Jesus Name. Whatever has begun to have it's way, you will cease what you are doing, you will stop what you have been assigned to do and you will leave.

I give you permission and complete authority to have your way in my home and in my family. You have my complete surrender for all I want is YOU. All I need is you and you alone. Have you way. Move throughout each room and place angels to watch over my children. Touch them with your healing in Jesus name and bless them. Bless their plans, their future, their dreams and their bodies. I ask you to remove any remaining evidence of darkness or the enemy and sanctify our home. My family belongs to Jesus. We are yours. We are yours. You are mine.

Thank you Lord for your peace and your presence.
Holy Spirit, make me aware more and more of your presence here with us.
Stay here always, Lord. Reign in our lives.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

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