Sunday, September 6, 2015


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

I wake up some days and the exhaustion in my mind and body is heavy. The day has only begun and I already feel as if I've been running uphill, out of breath and ready to to take a break.

Why, Lord? I ask. Why am I so out of it? Why do I feel like I've gone been running through the battlefield, trying to escape from the shots being fired all around me?

The mind seems a strong fog and the body aches. Yes, we can attribute many of these things to lack of sleep, stress, depression and something going wrong in the body that needs medical attention. But, what do we blame it on when all those areas have been covered?

I am convinced that many of us have become a target for the enemy. I'd say, most of us who have decided to be vocal about our faith, in one way or another, are experiencing physical and emotional draining. It's as if you want to quit, you need to escape the exhaustion and you crave rest and sleep. Your find yourself struggling with the most basic and simplest task, taking forever to make a decision or complete your daily routine. I am convinced that this is what God's Word talks about when it says that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. We cannot see the attacker or where the hits are coming from. We only feel the discouragement, the weariness and the body begging for a break. Our eyes cannot hear or see the hits, the push and the punches to break us down. Yet, our minds perceive something is wrong. We have a choice to make when this happens.

Tonight, I've chosen to write that although I recognize I may be a target, I want to remind the enemy that I'm not a sitting duck and I will not stay still. It's true, I've allowed time to pass by and I have not engaged in combat, or should I say, time spent in prayer and praise as I should, but, these words I am writing, are a declaration that I and and my family are covered by the precious blood of Jesus.

Lord, I come before you tonight, asking you to forgive me for seeing the attacks and the enemy hitting away, and using the excuse of being too tired to come before you. I recognize that the more time I leave without seeking you during these times, the more my world begins to crumble around me. You are my source, my life and my Help. Lord, I know that without you, I am not able to make any sound decisions. You are my peace, my Shalom. Guide me and my family in every way and make our path straight and clear. Keep us from falling and from straying.

Lord, I know that the battle and the war is on not only on my knees, but as I sit and stand and walk around with praise on my lips and worship in my heart. It's when I lift my hands to acknowledge you and declare that You are KING in my life and in my home, that true joy flows in our home and in our lives. Lord, I ask you to free me tonight to rise up to seek your face, to come before you without the complaints and the excuses. Help me to stand against the enemy and to be fearless. Help me to shout your name and walk filled of your Spirit. Holy Spirit, transform my prayer life. Change me and make me who I need to be so that Faith may arise within me.

Have you way, Lord. That as I live my life to please you, may I also live to be an unreachable target. Let my children be unreachable targets. Let my family be targets that cannot be touched. Let us not know what it is to be seen as the bull's eye, but that the enemy will see a wall of fire around us. Let the enemies see that we are real and our relationship with you is true. Let the enemies see our love for you and your love for us.

Lord, walk in my home tonight.
Be present in my children's bedrooms.
I close the door and any opening that seems inviting to the enemy, to any demonic presence or spirit. Let only your holy presence fill each room in my home, in my parent's home, in my brother's home, and in the home of every family, friend and person who reaches out to you as well.

Lord, I ask your Holy Spirit to fill our lives.
Fill our hearts.
Show us your way and reveal your ways, your hidden treasures to us. 
Bless our dreams.
Rain healing in us as we sleep.
Cover us. Hide us under your shadow.

Lord, as the days get difficult, show us your mercy and your love.
Provide for us.
As the days ahead open up to prophetic end time difficulties, let us not fear. 
Let us know only your presence, your help, and your provision.
Show us what to do and what not to do.
Open our ears to hear your voice.
Give us the Victory on a daily basis!
Remind us we are more than conquerors and that the enemy has no power over us.

Fill us with LOVE, even for our enemies so that they will see that even when we are their target, they will fire but miss. You will prevail. Lord, I trust in you tonight and always. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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