Thursday, October 1, 2015


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

How many times have you felt- not enough or not good enough? You've looked in the mirror and not smiled at the reflection looking back. You look at yourself and see the scars and the setbacks of life's hand upon your body or your emotions. 

How many times have you felt unworthy? You walk into a store and you're so used to going straight to the clearance section, you never think twice about trying anything else because all your life you've thought you're only worth second hand and hand my downs. It's not that there is anything wrong with the purchase, it's in the mindset that says, "I shouldn't even look at the expensive diamond ring because, it's me- me..." and we just feel that we don't deserve anything a little special.

How many times have you stood to the back of the room, stayed away from the light and hidden in the shadows? Why? You have wondered if anyone cared what you had to say, or even wanted to listen to your share. 

I've been there countless times battling these thoughts and emotions that keep me frustrated with making better choices and decisions. And, as I have been working on a special event coming up in my life, I realize once more that I just could not make up my mind about most of the things I had to decide on.

If I looked at jewelry, I automatically went for the sale items or the clearance shelves. If I looked at clothing, I looked for the simplest or the cheapest. I realized my habits where not just habits, but a true reflection of how I see myself and believe others saw me too. 

And that's when the word, MORE, came into my heart as I meditated on the event, on how I need to change my life and my way of thinking because I now can truly see that I am,
Yes, I am....MORE!

More than what I have always thought I was because the careless words of so many have always told me I was less.

Higher than what I've always seen myself because I've felt at the bottom when God has always set me on top.

Increased because God has blessed me even when I've lost so much. Yes, I have lost so much, more than most people who know me even imagine. Still, the Lord is my increase. He makes my way to prosper, to expand, to be more.

Greater because greater is He who lives in me than he and she and all of them that have spent their days making me feel less, unworthy, and unwanted. God says, my life is greater than what I imagined because He laid down His life to prove to me just how much more I mean to Him.

More than your present because God knows your future.
More than your past because God has made all things new.
More than the traumas in your life because God has used what has come against you to build you up and bring glory to his name.
More than your failures, because God restores and tells you, "Start again."

You are more.
I am more.
More than the views of this world that say our voices as Christian women are subject to the ruling of men.
Only God decides when and how we live out our calling, and If the Lord has called and equipped us as women, then who, tell me who can stand in our way? Because we are more than weakness since He is our strength.
We are more than frail vessels because God says we are chosen and set apart for His purposes.

You are more!
I am more!

We are more than the heartache of those who abused us.

We are more than the memories of those who have used us.
We are more than the darkness that attempts to hide us.
We are more because the Light of God is in us,
because He lives we can face tomorrow,
and because He has redeemed us, we too have a hope,
a greater hope
More than ever believed or expected.

You are more.
You are more beautiful,
You are more worthy,
You are more special and amazing than you believe.
You are free!
Free to be you!
You are healed,
You are renewed in your mind,
You are made whole in your thoughts,
You are more than victorious
More than a conqueror
Because He who is MORE than anything and everything in this world and out of this world, is speaking over your life and mine today, saying, "You are more. You are mine."



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