By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Yes, where are you tonight?
Where do you find yourself at this evening hour?
While some are excited because of the events they have planned and are ready to take place, others are hidden away in their pain because of what has just happened to take all their plans and change them- in mere seconds.

Oh, how we plan.
We plan weddings, birthdays, graduations and special days.
We plan for the future, to buy things, to change things.
All of our plans are created with high hopes and smiles. But, how suddenly, and unexpectedly our expectations and dreams can also come to an end.

Is that God is unjust and not interested that we had already planned so many wonderful things in our lives and now calamity shows up to tear down so many illusions? Is that God just doesn't care or has it out for some people but chooses to bless and take care of others?

My sister, I don't know where you are tonight but I wish I could be with you and just sit with you. I don't think I have the words or many words to bring consolation to your aching heart, to the hurt and the pain you are passing through. At this night time hour I know that what you have just experienced, no one wants to live it.

Where are you tonight?
Are you on the path of rejoicing and planning great celebrations? Or, have you come to the end of the road only to find that life has just come crumbling down on you in so many ways. Disappointment has come. 

You feel broken in so many ways. Crushed. Pierced through your heart and you wonder, "Where are you Lord?" The thing is that I am convinced, even when I have felt God has let me down, in the back of my mind and in the core of my heart, I know I am not alone. I know God is with me, even in the silence. He is present. Ever present.

I don't have the words to send them forth like you do, but you know the persons in my mind and those who are reading this tonight. You are so very aware of their pain. You are not deaf to their weeping, their cries and their questions. You walk not away from their broken spirit and crushed heart. You are there. 

The thing is Lord that sometimes we don't feel you and our pain is so great at times that we don't even believe you come near us. So, I ask you to breathe upon my friends tonight. Visit my friend in the hospital. Sit on that chair next to her bedside. Take her hand and place your face upon hers. Wipe her tears and calm her heart as she passes through this storm. Give her peace. Keep her mind at peace.

Lord, I pray for him also.
He is hurting, too. He is so close to releasing it all to you. He needs you tonight, Lord. Don't let them go back to doubting and pushing you away. Instead, Lord, show yourself great and mighty at this hour. In this moment, rescue them and carry them through this flood that has come upon them. 

I ask for your mercy and your love to be greater than anything else they need right now.

Let it be your Word that goes forth and brings healing. Let is be your presence that brings hope. Hope again. Be with my friends tonight, in Jesus name, Lord. Amen.

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