Monday, November 2, 2015

Words For When I'm Broken

When I am feeling as if I am on my own
And there's just no one to truly share what's on
my heart, there are just so many scriptures that are like
that smack in the head, saying, "Wake up to reality!
You're not alone! He does care."

In the midst of what seems without promise
In the midst of what appears lost and without hope
or a chance of ever changing, I hide in the pages of God's 
words, where I can wrap myself in the blanket of His promises and be assured that He is for me.

I am reminded that even when I
don't see the answer to my heart's expectation,
It doesn't mean I am unloved,
or that God is punishing me
or that God is not real.

His Word tells me that I can put my trust in Him
and wait. Oh, yes, it's hard to wait. No, it's super hard to wait. Especially when we are hurting through the wait.

But, God's word says that there is nothing hard for him. 
So, as I wait, He is working in my life.

He is working in my circumstances.

He is taking care of those things in my life that I don't see,
those things I can't understand because my focus can get lost in my pain and my immediate needs.

Yet, God looks into my life and doesn't just see my "right now". He is the God of my tomorrow and as He works in my life, he is also taking care of the answer I need for the moment that has yet to happen in my life.

His word, His words, are words for when I am broken.
When I feel like a rag doll, pulled apart and thrown to the corner of a dark, cold room. His words whisper into the place of my abandonment and soothe me.

God's words are like an ointment
for a soul that is achy, sore and exhausted.
His words are for the broken
because He was broken for us
He was broken for me
He was broken for my children
He took and carried all our hurts
Every moment of despair

He carried it
So that He would be the one to be broken the most
He carried it all
Yours, mine, theirs, his, hers, all of ours,
All our brokenness
On his body
In his mind
Deep in his heart
Upon his back
Upon his flesh
He became broken

The Word allowed Himself to be torn apart
So that I
So that my children
Would have a word of healing
Strength and comfort
So that I could reach out to Him in my pain
And give Him my brokenness
In exchange for His words
His words of Love
His life.

Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago



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