Sunday, December 6, 2015


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Lord, today I sit here before you with choices before me.
So, there's no better resource to turn to,
To surrender to, but You.
You are the Source of guidance, inspiration and help that I lean upon now.

Lord, two road are before me.
Both seem so right.
Beautiful, perfect in so many ways,
Yet, in all their splendor and wonder they are nothing if you will not walk this path with me.
I need, no, I long with all my heart that you will take my hand and walk me to the road that
is meets with your approval,
the road that is paved with your presence.

Dear Father,
You know my tomorrow and my years ahead.
Keep me from errors that will hurt in the days when my head is covered in grey.
Keep me from mistakes that will hurt my children in the future.
I rely on you.
Completely on you.
Totally on you.

Lord, In the Name of Jesus,
I come before you this day
and I ask that your word be fulfilled in my life.
Grant me peace in my heart and in my mind.
Show me the path that lead to you.
Show me the road that is chosen by you,
And I will begin this new journey
Knowing that your hand is with me
and you go before me



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