Sunday, May 8, 2016


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Let today be a day of rejoicing!
Even if you are in the midst of a great worry,
Even if your mind is filled with anxiety,
Even if you have spent the night in prayer and mourning,
Let today be a day of rejoicing!

Let today be a day of celebration!
Even if your heart has been filled with hurt and pain,
Even if old wounds were re-opened and past memories, painful
moments from yesterday have come flooding your thoughts,
Even if sickness lingers and it seems God is not answering.
Even if everything around you seems dead and you wonder if
God is truly the God of life and not death.
Let today be a day of celebration!

Because it is in the midst of our heart aches and our sorrows
That we have no choice but to turn to the God that promises that
although we may spend our nights in weeping, there will be an answer in the morning. There will be a reason to shout praises and dance, even if you dance alone!

Why rejoice?
Rejoice because in your lonely moments the truth is,
You are not alone.
Those heavy arms of God's strength and protection 
are around you.
You are a Mother,
My Mother,
Someone's Mother...
The closest example to God's heart.

Celebrate because you have been waiting
and just as the seeds that are planted need to wait for their
times of growth,
Just as the baby in the mother's womb takes time to develop
and get ready to say hello to the world,
So God has allowed you to be in this time of waiting
But oh the joy because you are also going to see what will
come forth from those tears and those prayers!

God is in control and God has not forsaken you, Mother.
God has not ignored you or left you in the shadows.
God is not in the habit of rejoicing over your hurt.
God is there with you today.

The time of God's rain is coming and the seeds of hope and faith you have planted in the soil of your children's hearts is going to take root, is going to flourish, grow and bloom.
The time of God's showers are on their way and He will abundantly answer and supply for your needs.
He knows your heart.
He is working on your behalf.
Believe today that there is a reason to rejoice even if everything seems dark and hopeless.
I will believe. I will continue to hold on.
God is for us and not against us.

Dear Mother,
Walk on in  faith for the Lord, the Mighty One of Israel is your help.

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