Tuesday, May 31, 2016



By Angeline M Duran Santiago

I was looking for an image to use in one of my blogs and this one came out. It wasn't what I wanted, but as I read it, the message hit me and I knew that this was for me. There was no doubt that the Lord would give me a few words to share on this passage. 


My mind scanned this image and quickly voiced, "Is he really teaching my hands to fight and my fingers to war?" The mind quickly becomes defensive and starts with it's million questions. The answer was easy, though. "Yes." A simple yes will seem enough for tonight. He, Adonai, teaches my hands to fight. I just haven't allowed Him to show me how. Although he has attempted it so many times, I have yet to truly continuously walk in the understanding and knowledge that he teaches my hands to fight.

I look back at dreams, at moments when I have been before the Lord in prayer and when I was able to minister in dance. My hands were powerful weapons moving to the music and the words of the songs or the message coming forth. In times of prayer I learned to take my stand and use movement as a weapon to declare my home off limits to the Enemy of our souls. 

And, how sad, with these same hands, with these same fingers, with my heart and my mind, I have so easily made the wrong choices and forgotten that my hands and my fingers, my very life have been set apart for something greater. 

Where are you, Daughter of the most high? Why have you forgotten to move those hands and feet on the battle ground? Do you not remember who taught you to move swiftly upon the fields. Have you forgotten He who called you in the night to rise up and learn how to fight against the many enemies that would rise against you in the days to come? 

Where are you, Daughter of the Most High? You were washed and redeemed, made new and given garments of praise but also reminded to put on the whole armor of God. Rise up, daughter or Adonai, and put your whole trust in the One who will give you Victory. Arise, daughter and pray for real again. Arise, and find your Savior once again in every page of scripture. Rise up. 

Rise up to pray for your children and your grandchildren.
Take your stand and pray for your health, your finances, and your marriage. I know your husband has failed you many times, but don't let the hurt and the bitterness keep you broken, keep you chained up and you can't be free to RISE UP and fight. Push through. Fight even with the little strength you have tonight. 

Pray for your family. Pray fr the Lord to move in your life and the life of those around you.

My friend, you are not alone. God will not abandon you in the battlefield. He will not desert you. God will be with you. He is there for you and for me. We are not hopeless. We are not left to disappear in a sea of confusion. God has not called us out of darkness to now abandon us into the net of the Prince of Darkness. God has given you and me the authority and the audacity to get up and pray, to get up and speak the Word of Life, in Jesus name. 

My friend, you are a daughter of a great and mighty King. He is a warrior. He will fight the battles that come our way. Raise your shield and lift it agains the Enemy. Sickness has to go! In Jesus name. The Enemy's lies, the plans of darkness against you and me fall on the floor, broken and cancelled because God is for you, daughter of the Lord, and will never, ever be against you. 

Lord, we need a mighty move of your presence. I personally need you, desperately. I need to see you and sense you in my life. The battle has started and I don't have a strategy on how to deal with this again. But, I will turn to you, once more. I surrender to You completely Lord. Take my hands, my fingers, my heart and my mouth. Take my feet and all of me, lead me through this battle and ever war that rises against me and those you have placed in my care, and use my life for your glory. I know I am not alone.

Believe again.
Believe again.
Trust again.
Rise and walk again.

Sickness, problems, depression, sin, whatever is coming against me and my family know that I rise up and I come against you with God's strength in me, In His name, with His covering and his anointing. 



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