Friday, June 3, 2016



By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Where do you find yourself today?

In the middle of a joy filled day, celebrating what God has done? Rejoicing because He has heard your cry, answered prayer and healed your body? Are you somewhere in the end of your battle with a certain area and you are praising God because you see how the Lord has set you free and worked on your behalf?

Or, do you find yourself in the shock of a difficult moment, a surprise visit that has left you without breath, or the sudden news of more horrible announcements that have thrown you to the ground and the little bit of strength and energy that had just been returned, seems lifeless on the floor before you?

Where, my friend, are you right now?

Are you in a crowded train station with your earphones plugged in and the music blasting? You beg the music to take you higher so you can forget some stressful things that happened yesterday, last night, this morning, at work or on your commute back home. Life happens and we’re stuck in the middle, without a clue to what’s coming and how to step away and around it so we don’t fall into the puddle of life. 


But, it’s unavoidable and it happens.

I ask you where do you find yourself because I am also meditating on where I am. I find myself currently sitting here and writing away but my mind has often trailed away into thoughts of where I should be. I don’t always think I’ve made great choices. Life has shown up. Mistakes are made when we are stressed, sad, depressed, angry or going through the motions. We don’t always think things through and quick decisions end up as lifetime situations that keep us focused on the past, on our mistakes, our “what if” and wishful thinking.

No matter where we find ourselves at this very moment, you and I need to internalize the reality that even through our pain, our anger and our mistakes, God is still God and He is still on His throne. I know many of you are desperately hurting and confused, and you don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so you’re worried, stressed and feel like screaming sometimes. I do, too. Believe me, many times I wish I could run and run and find a hiding place for even just one day. But, I think of God calling out to Adam in the book of Genesis and asking him, “Where are you?”


We can't blame God for our choices and we can't blame Him for what goes wrong in our lives. We try to hide our sin, but even when we think God doesn't already know we're naked and hiding behind the trees, He not only already sees us, but He has already started making the clothes to cover our shame. God who knows where we are and what we've gone through, from the very beginning has already made something beautiful from the ugliness in our lives. God knew what Adam and Eve had done but still, He called out to them, "Where are you?"

I don't know what you're going through, my friend, the Lord is with you and me.

Where are you?
I am here, Lord. Here waiting on You. This is all I can say right now. I don’t know how I got here. How did you let me get here? How did I get myself to this place I had never imagined being a part of? I had everything planned out for my life and yet, here I am, everything upside down and so different from what I had dreamed and purposed in my heart. With all of this, You, Oh Lord, remind me that you not only love me, but that you have a plan and you have not, will never abandon me. It’s hard to be here, Lord. I had so many plans. And you remind me, “Your ways are not my ways, Your plans are not my plans, Your ways are higher than mine.”

I am here Lord and I know that I live each moment completely dependent on you. My once safe and secure future is a day to day living waiting upon You. You are my Source. You are my Only Hope. So, where do you find yourself? If like me, you’ve gone through huge changes and see yourself thrown into God’s mercy, then know that even when it all seems uncertain, we are in a good place. No. We are in a great place! We are in His hands. In His care there is not only a great future, but a wonderful present. God has it all under control, even when we believe we have lost it all, yes, even when we say, “Lord, I’m losing it here!”

Your kids and their every day and every moment is also in God’s hands. They are part of those promises He made to you when they were in your womb. God has not gone incognito. He is ever present to do something great in you and yes, in me as well.

Well, now that we know where we are, (IN GOD’S HANDS) and that we’re in His care today and always, I am not going to ask you, “Where are you?” You’re in the perfect place, trusting and waiting on the Lord. And that my friend, is a wonderful place to be.




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