Sunday, June 12, 2016


Sometimes the Lord allows the hardships to rain upon our lives, not because He is punishing us, but, the truth is that it's in our difficulties that we most run to Him. I can only share that some days have been so hard. There have been moments where I think of the Lord and wonder, "Where are you, Lord?" "When do you come and move in this situation?" The answer seems to come like soft falling snow on a hot summer day, "Just come near."

I wanted to go to the house of the Lord but it seems past experiences can sometimes forecast what may happen. I thought of some of the things that have taken place this past month and I knew in my heart I just needed to find myself sitting in His presence. Just the other Sunday I had that same hunger for God's presence. Although it seemed as if all hell was being unleashed in my atmosphere, there was a confidence in my spirit, that if I just stood before the Lord, the answers would come and peace would follow.

Rushing to service just a few Sundays ago, and going through some unexpected experiences upon arrival to the church, I wondered if God was truly going to work in my life on that Sunday. While worship concluded, the phone rang and my son's doctor told me to rush over. What doctor cares enough to do something like that? So, even though my heart was longing for God to come and refresh my tired and yes, even angry self, I got up just before the preaching and walked out. "Lord," I said, "Please still make a way and reach out to me."

Today, I can say, "I have been blessed!" I decided that even if I had to walk to church today by myself, I would. I decided that no matter what is going on in my home, in my physical body or in my children, that I was going to be in God's presence. I made it my purpose to put aside everything else and just get up and get ready. Whoever didin't want to go, then don't. Yes, we all have our troubles and our angst. No one is perfect in any church. We have to put aside the things that we see with our natural eyes and ask God to open our hearts and our spiritual eyes to see only Him.

I know the Lord spoke to my heart through the songs that in my opinion were perfectly chosen as if only for me. The songs reminded me of God's faithfulness while I go through each moment in my life. The worship took all my sadness and filled me with joy. I was restored so that I could return home and look past the hurts, look past the anger and look past the sickness. 

God took each word in the message and it felt like I was in preparation for the battles ahead. It was as if God was saying, "This is how you will overcome. Remain in me and my Spirit in you! Don't be afaid. I've placed my Word in your heart and in your mind. You will know what to do. You will make better choices because you were forgetting that My Spirit is living and alive in You! You are not alone. I have not abandoned you."

So, yes, I am a work in progress. I am perhaps one of God's children that is the most under construction. I go through my happy moments where I am confident in His care and then I have my angry moments where I call  out and say, "Lord, but I thought we were in this together?" Still, in the times I feel the worst, He comes like healing balm, the way He did today during the preaching and clearly speaks into my heart, "I have given you all you need to overcome!"

Are you like me, A work in progress? Then, place all your insecurities and your short comings before the Lord. He has promised to provide you with everything you need to make it through tonight. He is your help when there is discord in your home. God is your source when sickness refuses to leave. God is your refuge when you feel helpless and alone.

Be encouraged on this day! I have!
He is risen in our lives and therefore, with God's Spirit in our lives, we can walk boldly knowing He will direct us through every situation. Lord, I will trust in you, today and always. In Jesus name, have your way, amen.
                                            ~Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago



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