Monday, June 13, 2016



Monday morning.

Say, "Good morning." and it seems the majority of the responses are an humph, grrr, or that look that says, "Don't even start with me!" 

Have you ever had one or more of those early starts to your day? Either the response to your hello was a negative one or maybe you (or I) were in one of those "PMS" moods or exhausted and just didn't want to be bothered. As I read some scripture verses this morning, I was inundated with certain words. There was love and walking in the light. There were others, but those sort of jumped out of the pages at me. Ever had one of those moments? The words just seem to speak to you even though you've read them a million times before. Monday morning can be full of Monday blues. But, what if we could change Monday blues into something else?

 Something Old, Something New (1 John 2:7-11) | Pastor Joe Quatrone, Jr ... 

I was reminded this morning that believers are to continuously walk in the Light and to walk in love. Wow! That's a tall order especially when you know that the people you have to work with or deal with each day are not lovable, or easy to love. Still, if I am to walk in the Light, it means that there should not only be zero darkness in me on the inside, but that darkness should not and cannot have power to reflect itself on the outside.

Do you struggle with loving people especially after they hurt you on a regular basis?Do you find it hard at times to be that "Light" and that person that shares God's love because it just seems hopeless and meaningless?

I do and I have. But, just as I was encouraged this morning, can I encourage you? I want us to remember that if God is with us, the Enemy cannot have his way in our hearts and he will not win when he tries to start with our Monday morning. God will give us the needed grace to still say, "Good morning!" to Mr. and Mrs. Grumpy. God will fill us so that we don't have to say, "Love, love, love." Hopefully, it will show through.


In all my writings, I am not afraid to share that I am extremely aware of my failures and how not perfect I am. I am also bold to say that my one desire is to please the Lord and live my life for Him. That is why I share my ups and downs. I enjoy sharing even small moments like this one where just a few verses can change my attitude about how I begin and go through my day. I pray that you will be blessed, encouraged to read God's word and trust in Him.

Scripture reading this morning was from:
1 John Chapter 2



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