Tuesday, June 21, 2016


You can't have it!
I know you want it and you want me to give it up to you, but you can't have it!
I refuse to even give you the acknowledgement that you have shown up and gone out of your way to deliberately and in every way possible, attempted to take it.
I understand you think you have permission just because I've been a little stressed and even overwhelmed at times. You feel this importance to just walk in and take it that you can grab it as if you have power to take it the way you take a hostage.

You can't have it!
Not my mind, not my peace, and not my sanity!
You can't even touch it!
Not my peace and surely not my joy!

You come dressed in darkness and you throw you punches. I will not lie. I've felt their sting and the pain of many of them. Many times I have even been knocked down to the ground and it's been a struggle to get up. But, hear me and hear me loud and clear! Even from the ground, as my face lays against the soil and my lips, mixed with blood and dirt, long for a drop of water, even from that floor I shout out to you, "You can't have it!"

You can't have me!
You cannot take what God has offered and what the Lord has given to me!
It is mine.
His Word is hidden in my heart. I'm not going to give you access to the secret room, the door of my heart is locked and you can't come in to touch God's Word in my life. It is planted and like an Ivy plant that grow wrapping itself around and around, creating a vine, God's word is wrapped around my heart and my mind. God's word has penetrated deep into the pours and every cell of what lays inside of me, so, "No!" You can't touch it.
God's word has been invisibly branded with Holy Ghost fire upon my heart. When you see me walking, you cannot see His Word engraved like an everlasting tattoo upon my life, but look a little closer, you will see it. It is there. God is present because I've said, "Lord, I can't live without You!"
I've cried out, "Lord, I need you more than air, more than anything else, more than my job and my health, I need you because you enable me to move, you give me strength, you help me to tell that devil, "You can't have my life!" "You can't have my family!" "You can't take away what God has given me!"


I speak this clearly through my words on paper, but I say it aloud and I say it in my mind. It is my personal declaration of independence in regards to spiritual matters. This is my anthem, my song.
It is my personal choreography on the dance floor of life as I raise my hands and place them to say, "STOP!" I keep them forward and twirl around and around creating my personal space and boundaries. "You can't have it!" I lift my hands and place them on my mind, my head and my heart. Those same hands I lift them towards You, O Lord and with my hands and with my dance I declare, "I belong to You. My family belongs to You. My mind, my thoughts, and my heart I give to You and You alone." My body slowly goes down on the ground as I place myself on bent knees. Heavenly Father, I surrender to You. This is me. I give it all to You. 

As I surrender to the Lord in prayer, I rise up to finish this recital. In the eyes of my choreography, I am dressed in battle and my hands are prepared for war. There is no music, only me. I take my stand and I breathe in the Peace of the Lord and His mighty presence into my life. "Thank you, Lord! You give me victory! I Praise you and worship you Almighty God! There is no one like You!" I take keep my stand strong for I know that morning is coming and the day will begin. I bless You, Lord!
I say the last words, a reminder to things seen and unseen, "YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!"
"You can't have ME, MY FAMILY, and anything connected to me!" In Jesus Name, Amen.

Written By Angeline M. Duran Santiago



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