Wednesday, June 15, 2016



"Take me to that place, Lord
To that secret place,
Where I can be with You.
You can make me like you,
Wrap me in Your arms,
Wrap me in Your arms,
Wrap me in Your arms......."

This is my heart's cry today, Lord.
Take me to that secret place where You are there waiting for me,
Where you are there and I can pour out my heart to You.
That place where I am able to say what I have to say, laugh or cry, 
Let every emotion out without being judged or criticized,
I can go before you because there is safety in your presence.
There is no condemnation in your presence when I surrender my heart to You.
Oh, Lord, Take me there to that place where I can give you my every moment.
Lord, I am drained, in a drought where my life can only be sustained if you fill me.
Take me Lord, into your presence, where I am loved.


Make me like you, in your image.
If I am like you, it's not that I want to be You or be God.
I just want to be like you, 
Able to have a heart like yours,
To love, to accept, to forgive, to understand.
Give me a heart that is ever able to be the heart of love.

Oh, dear Heavenly Father, 
Wrap me in your arms.
My heart is tired and broken today. 
I need your arms around me because there is healing in your embrace.

Wrap me in Your arms.
My mind is a tangle of thoughts that keep rushing and shouting out at me
But, Lord, if you wrap my mind in your arms,
Wrap me in Your arms,
There is that peace I am running to You for today.
Your presence gives and brings peace.
Fill me Lord.


Wrap me in Your arms, Lord.
I need to let go of these moments of anger and feeling frustrated.
But, Lord, If you allow me to fall into your embrace
I can be free to just let go and let it go.
Hold me and give me what only You can give me,
In your arms, there is assurance
There is strength.
In your care
There is healing
Bring healing into my life, into my children's lives
Oh, Lord, how I pray your healing would be like rain,
Rain and Rain
Wrap my children in your arms.
Wrap every family member of mine in Your arms
Wrap all of my  friends in Your loving care.
Lord, every person that reads these blogs or words I write, 
Lord, wrap them in your arms of love, of healing and change.

Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago



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