By Angeline M Duran Santiago

All of me.
Lord, I give you all of me.
I give you all of me because I need all of You.
I need you, Lord.
You are hope.
You are joy.
You are healing to these bones.
You are healing to this heart.

All of me.
The good, the bad, the ugly.
I give you all of me.
The parts you can see and the areas that are hidden. My secrets, my present, my dreams and yes, even my failures. You can take the mess-ups and do something new.


All of me, Lord.
I give you all of me because all of me needs you.
And everything inside of my mind,
Inside my heart, 
In every part of my life,
Truly needs You.

Your Word promises to renew me if I trust You.
Your Word says I am new in You.
Your Word says if I ask, I shall receive
of your goodness and your love.

Thank you, Lord.



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