By Angeline M Duran Santiago

I know  your story.
You have shared some of the most difficult moments of your life as a child.
I know the pain you suffered in silence. The humiliation and how you were broken at such an early time in your life. Alone. Abandoned and still forced to keep going as if the world was a safe place. 
I know your story.
You and I have sat together for lengths of time, crying and just holding on, praying.
But, can I ask you something today?
Can I ask you to do something different?

You said you will start anew.
You said today is a new beginning.
So, Will you give me permission to be your pen?
Let me be the pen in your hand and the pen that writes your new story.
A new story.

Let me be your pen.
Let me blot out the past with this bottle of ink and paint over it JESUS.
Allow me to take all these pages with your hurts and your brokenness  and tear these pieces apart.
Come with me. Take my hand. Let us climb the highest mountain.
No, not that one. Let's find the highest one.
Let us go up and up. I know it is not easy to climb but you will see what we will do when we get to the top. Watch what will happen and how you will feel.
Take one bag and I take the other. 
Reach in and grab those torn pieces of your story.
Hold them until I have some.


Now, let's count together.....
1! 2! and 3!
Release them!
Come winds from the East, West, North and South!

Blow these shattered pieces to the farthest corner of the world and let this brokenness be no more.
Fly this story up to heaven where God can take this story and make it new.

Let me be your pen.
I will write the story God has sung over you.
New life. A new story.
Joy restored.
Healing for your mind.
Restoration in your life.
Healing in your shattered heart.
Every corner of your mind swept clean.
Every hurt, every wound, every abuse, covered with God's love.
A new life. A new story.
I know we are not pretending it never happened.
That's not what I mean.

I will never force you to imagine it never took place. I love you too much to want to make you look back when all I want is to see you go forward. I love you so much but oh, how much more Yahweh loves you.
So much more.
You're His child.

I just want to write new memories for you.
I want to write beautiful moments as they happen in your life.
I want to write about those days when deliverance begins and you dance like one who has truly been set free. I want to write about that moment when you raise your hands and are no longer full of shame. I want to write about that day when all your tears are no longer tears of yesterday's dark memories, but tears that flow when God's presence and God's love is being poured out and into your life from head to toe. 


Let me be your pen, your voice, 
the co-author to God's 
new beginning in your life.

So many chapters to write.
I just want to be the pen. And the eyes. For I will see it all as it happens.
I will walk with you and run with you.
I will listen and together we will cry.
I will hold you and if we need to fight, we will fight. 
We will pray, call out to God Almighty, together.
We will lean on His promises, together.

When you feel or think you can't go on, 

I am  not alone to cheer you on. 
Family, friends, and heavenly armies of angels are by your side.
Cheering you on in your new story.
A story of triumph and victory.


A story covered with the 
fingerprints of God.
The fingerprints of God. 

A story written with God's love in every sentence.
A story where the sacrifice of Jesus is not in vain.
Where He takes all those memories, all those scars, every piece of paper and says, "New!"
All things are made new.

Let me be your pen.
I will write it as the Lord leads. 
There is great excitement as I await to see what God will do each day.
Together, held in God's hands, we will write this new story of healing, together.


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