Sunday, July 17, 2016


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

What causes us great pain?
If I asked you to describe what brings you tremendous sorrow, do you have the words to describe it or does it all hurt so much you can't speak? Do tears just seem to flow at the thought of a hurt that has lingered from deep in the yesterday of your life, your childhood, your past or just a few hours ago?

There are hurts and there are wounds that are so deep that it seems they cannot be closed with time. Time heals all wounds is a lie. Only God can truly heal. But, what happens when we've brought every scar, every wound and every traumatic moment to God and healing still seems impossible? What do we do when we've believed the past has been laid down to rest and suddenly it comes creeping back, haunting you and your dreams become those nightmares, over and over again?


I believe it has to do with not just settling for the moment. We cannot, or should not just think that extreme situations can just have a moment of deliverance and we stop there. I believe that the enemy doesn't let go so easily and even if he did, it is his mission to return to see if he can bring you down again to where you find yourself reliving painful memories or even believe you're losing your mind. It is a constant seeking of the Lord and a daily surrendering of your life to the Lord. 

There is no real being set free and/or being truly healed in our emotions and in our minds if we do not truly hide our lives in Christ. It is only when we allow our lives to be hidden in Him, can we let the healing begin. 

If you are someone that has been hurt, used, abused and horribly hurt, can I help you with a prayer? I may not have been hurt as you've been hurt, but I am here, even if just with my prayer.
Lord, as a seed must be placed in the soil so that it can die and therefore begin to be transformed into this object that pushes out roots and stems and branches, I lay my heart, my mind and my life down into the soil of your love. I close my eyes and lay down in surrender, death to my past, the hurts, the betrayals, the lies and the pain. I place them all in my hands and I lay down before you and place them all into the grave of who I was, what I've been and what hurt me all these years. I kneel down before you and declare that you are Lord not only of that day I gave you my heart, but of each day because I need you daily.


Lord, have your way and let healing begin. I want to be a blessing to my children and my family. They're hurting and I don't know how to help sometimes. Change me and make me whole. Let the healing begin. Begin in me. The past, the traumatic events that changed my life forever, the things I've harbored secretly in my heart that only you know and only you can take care of, I give it all to you dear God.

To my children, forgive me for words I've thrown out in my moment of anger. There's no excuse when I've said a word to offend, discourage and make you feel so sad. You are the greatest gift, most precious treasure in my life and I ask that you forgive me for lashing out when I should have stood quite. Forgive me for not being there when you needed me and I was too lost in my pain and discouragement. Instead of trusting more in God, I allowed life to throw me into a pit of darkness and I was far away, even though I was there by your side. Forgive me for not rising up to fight when I knew that God always gives us the victory. Yes, this is so far away in the past, but I know that there are wounds that heal slowly if ever and I want you to be whole and free in the Lord. Forgive me, my kids, for you are my love and my life.

To you who are still hurting from the abuse, the neglect and the all the damage that was caused to you when you should have been protected, God is your healer. Let the healing begin. Run to the Lord. Run into his love and trust Him.

My friend, if like me, you're in that place where you need the healing to begin, you have to plant yourself in the garden of the Lord. You cannot grow and succeed if you disconnect from God's love and power. Healing can only come by remaining in Him and not letting go. The moment you turn back to anything from your past, it all starts again. You open the door to your pain and the darkness. Why would you go there again if Christ has set you free? What is there in this world that can give you more than what God provides in His love and mercy?

Let the healing begin.
I cannot help anyone in my life unless I can forgive and walk in the freedom of God's love, forgiveness and mercy.
Flood my life with your love Lord and keep me in your arms. There is so much that needs to be opened up before it can be closed eternally. Help me, help us Lord to confront the darkness and fight in your Name. Help me to face the demons that assaulted me, my family, my children and my life for too long.

Enable me, and enable anyone who is struggling and battling their painful past, the abuse, their hurts and the let downs to trust in you as their Mighty Warrior. You are the healer of every sickness, disease and pain. You are the healer of every wound in our heart and in our mind. You are the healer of every pain and every abuse. God is the healer of every beat down, every torment, everything you've ever lived that made you walk in fear or even hating yourself. God is the healer when we feel unaccepted, unloved, dirty and disgusting. God is our refuge when the world tears us apart. God is your healer.

So, then, let us say it out loud, even when we can't, "Let the healing begin, yes, let is begin, in Jesus Name."




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