Tuesday, January 24, 2017


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Written By Angeline M Duran Santiago

This morning, it seemed people were up with the news. Postings were filling up the social media as people reacted to what is and was taking place within the government walls. As I read their remarks, I read words of fear. I saw fear in the hearts of parents. I saw anger. Reading between the lines, I saw the stress of people wondering what was coming up in the future for their children. Panic and insecurity flooded their words as those who have medical conditions struggled with the news of what the new medical situation for our country was looking like. Fear. It sort of creeps up on us when we're people that know about the times we're living in and are also aware of what the Scriptures indicate as far as the end times. 

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As I read what many were sharing that showed the fear within them, I thought to  myself, "It is what it is." People want you to write to Congress and march and do so much, but the truth is, (at least I think) what will be, will be. God has our times in His hands. Our today and our future, as amazing or as scary as it may start to look for so many, it is in His care. We have to have faith that God Almighty will make a way to provide for our needs, all of our needs, not just the emotional ones. God is able to show us and guide us. The Lord, I believe, will not abandon His Church. 

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There is an assurance in my heart that God's love is so great, that I can trust my children's medical future, their jobs, their careers and every aspect of their lives in His hands. Someone once said, "Fear is the absence of faith." I think Fear is also the result of constantly filling your mind with negativity. I once had a pastor who preached about what we allow to go into our minds and our lives. I remember him saying, "Input/Output, Garbage In, Garbage Out, God's Word In, God's Word Out." And it's so true. We can get captivated by the TV and Social Media to such an extent that God's Word becomes irrelevant. The waves of fear take us on a ride and before you know it, we've not only become hopeless, but become the promoters of that same fear and insecurity.

I don't know it all. Truth is, I have a long way to go as I believe I'm always learning. As an Educator I strongly believe that we are lifetime learners and that the moment we declare we've learned it all, we are just at the beginning of our learning. We never, ever stop learning because this world is ever changing. And so, our faith in the Lord must be ever resilient and never easy to move from here to there. If we make up our minds, then let it be so. Let's not change just because this group says to change or that group is telling you this is the way to go. There are marches and demonstrators inviting you to join and agree. I much rather stay on the sidelines and wait for the Lord to place in my heart what I should or shouldn't  do. Fear is not one of those options. I've been there and have done that. Fear and lack of faith have rendered extremely negative results I will always regret. 

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God's Word will enable us to move when we feel paralyzed. God's Word will give us the confidence to make good choices and walk onward, even if we walk alone and the rest of the world says, "Boo, you're a party pooper!" I don't care about belonging to the group or making the crowd happy. I did that when I was younger and not one of those people I tried to please is here by my side today. It's best to please the Lord and live our lives the way we know God is calling us to live. He is the One that will give us what we need so why do we care and bother with anyone's opinions? Fear has no place in our lives. It's time to stop giving attention to the voices around us. Some of us are on Facebook and Twitter as if the devices are physically attached to our bodies. We're more interested in the likes we get than in making sure we have dinner ready on time. Our focus is more on what our so called "friends" have posted than on prayer time. We run with our fingers to look at what the media is posting instead of putting our hope in the Lord and taking care of our families. 

Be encouraged! God is good, very good. He will not fail us. Never. Ever.

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