Tuesday, July 18, 2017


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Horrendous activities are planned against families daily. The mobs of darkness unleash their darkest conceived plans against everyone, especially those who call themselves, the so called believers and followers of Christ. Every vile and destructive imagination is unleashed against families and against individuals who have only begun to learn their ABC's and colors. Deep anger and hatred as blood that keeps the hosts of darkness moving forward, invade communities, cities and fearlessly invade homes. They use the heart and mind that becomes available to their desires and re-education of mankind to turn around once Godly values and make them the unspeakable curse word among nations. Demonic activity rises and moves through individuals that have surrendered their hearts and their will to speak out against the lifestyle that represented things Godly, holy and beautiful to twist those very ideas and make them a mockery, a ghastly ideology and a way that is challenged in the very high courts that once believed in God we trust.

You and I are not exempt. There is no label on our foreheads that says, "Able to Escape" because although we believe in a mighty God and although we do our best to live each day honoring the ideas, principles and values poured out from God's word into our hearts, we live very aware that we wrestle on a daily basis with the unseen that rises up against God's children to abolish the creation that has been made worthy of Salvation. We are part of that group that tirelessly experiences the oncoming onslaught of darkness and many times we are left on the ground, unable to stand for a moment, and so many times at the very brink of giving up the fight. The fight. Don't give up the fight. For although our fight is against principalities in the heavenly realm, it is in that realm that God's power and presence is manifested to once more cover us and keep us through the worst of attacks.

How exactly do we know we are being assaulted? Look around you and if you are alive you will realize there is a plan set forth in motion to bring you and your family, together with your community to complete ruin. I've seen this not occasionally, but on a regular basis in my own life.  My own children are constantly bombarded with horrible situations. Sickness is constantly invading our home. Our jobs went through some extreme changes the past four years. Our loss has been great financially and we've gone from being in a somewhat comfortable place to knowing what it is to make do with the basics and be content with God's provision on a daily basis, just enough for each day. My marriage has gone through the battlefield and many times I was sure the end was here for us. Arrow after arrow has been launched to destroy, detour and completely annihilate my children and us as individuals and as a family. 

The attack is real. But, I want you to know that although this rising up of darkness against the Chosen of God is never ending, so is God's grace and power for His children, never ending. His love and His Power is limitless. There is no end to His presence being available to those who believe and call out to the Lord. God is faithful to give us never ending victory against a defeated foes who get their joy by thrashing us and shooting out against us to see us fall. Yet, the Lord in his mercy has taken the time to leave us words of comfort, words of encouragement and instructions to help us know how to fight and how to stand against the wiles of the enemy.

My friend, our help comes from the Lord. Suicide is a voice that speaks into your ears and tells you that your worth and purpose is over. It tells you that there's no reason to live. Divorce comes and stands in your bedroom and tells you that it's better to stop fighting for your marriage and that someone else will make you happy. Sickness comes in to torment your body, your child's body and at times you say, "Lord, if you're healer, where are you and why aren't you healing my child?" We question God and all the while God is not ignoring us, He is saying, Hush my child. Be still. I am at work in this matter. You are not alone. Look at me. Watch me fight for you. I am with you.

Even in the very house of the Lord we experience the struggle for there are many that even in roles of leadership seem more the messengers of darkness than the very people in our lives that have never confessed Christ. We see their fake smiles, and it's easy to detect the presence in them that butts heads with what is in us. We see their lies, their jealousy and their plan to stand in our way of serving the Lord. But, even in this, God reminds us once more that even when our very own family in the Lord is that source of pain and anger, God wants us to see it as the devil at work to being destruction not only in us but in them as well. 

God wants us to be wise and turn to Him. The Lord wants to show us not to focus on the negative but to place our eyes on Him and Him alone so that we remember to give Him glory through all our struggles and all our hard times. God alone gets the glory so that we understand it is not the strength of our arm, our words, how loud we get or how smart we think we are, but it is Jehovah in us to help you experience God's deliverance and God's presence.

Yes, darkness rises against us. Light is greater for God is light and the darkness flees at it's spark. True, evil seems to reign in many parts of our lives and our communities but God's life is greater and if we pursue it, we will experience deliverance and joy! Do not be overcome with discouragement but hold on to the Lord and see that greater is He that is in You than He who is in the world.

If you need prayer or just someone to listen, feel free to share. When we get together to pray for one another and believe God for the pulling down of strongholds and calling upon the Powerful name of Jesus Christ, great things happen.

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