Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Marionette in the Pulpit, Again

     After a few words of introduction, the speaker begins sharing about their week, a simple joke, or commenting on events going on in the world, a change in tone takes place, facial expressions become deep, and the Book, the Word, is opened to show everyone where THE MESSAGE will be coming from that day.

     The moment the preacher speaks, it seems strings connected to his left arm are pulled. Sweat begins to form on his forehead as he speaks about surrendering to the Lord and listening to God’s Spirit. The speaker clears his throat, looks around, and decides to start again. He looks at his notes, breathes a small prayer, and once more begins to speak on living a life that is sold out to the Lord, willing to give it all because He gave His all for everyone present, everyone in the world.

     A much stronger pull comes from the right and it seems strings are pulling at the preacher from more places this time. Then the strongest one comes pulling full force upon his heart, and he sighs. The speaker lowers his head in sign of submission and the Master Puppeteer smiles and speaks softly.

“If you say those things you wrote in your notes, they’re going to get up and leave.”

“If you keep talking that way, someone is going to email you and tell you they’re going to find another church to belong to.”

“If you don’t stop saying Jesus and Praise the Lord, your highest tithing family and all your leaders will ask for a meeting. They’ll stop giving offerings. You don’t want to be in the situation. Do you?”

“Look at your leaders. You know they've stood with you when everyone else left you. What do they really want to hear today? Remember three of them are not really living for their Savior, but you’re helping them work it out. Talk about working it out by hanging out more after church.”

     Up and down, the preacher’s head nods, being directed from upward strings held by the master puppeteer, the voice of deceit, fear, and manipulation.
The pastor sadly smiles, and says, “Brothers and sisters, I feel the Lord leading me to change my message this morning. God is love. God just wants us to love each other. He wants you to feel good. He’s not sitting on His throne thinking about what you do. He just wants you to enjoy your life. Live your life to the fullest. God loves everyone. Hey, some people say all you need to do is work hard at doing good things.” 

The Marionette is in the Pulpit. You've seen him. You've seen her. Strings and all.
Message after message is changed. Fear grips the heart and the Marionette only speaks what will sound right and feel good. 
The Kingdom message is disregarded. The call to being holy and living life for a Jesus that is ready to come back is placed in the garbage, and the Marionette glories in the praises of men.

The Messenger decides to please the crowd, to keep his wealthy and well employed tithing leaders. The minister decides to hold on to being popular and not obedient. The speaker prefers to change the message God spoke to them in prayer and instead speak a word that will make everyone happy. 

What kind of preacher or teacher will you continue to be 
when you finish reading this message?



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