Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Elephant is Still There....Will Someone Please Say Something?

The Elephant is Still There...Will Someone Please Say Something?

A while back I shared about an elephant in the church. Please give me a moment.

I've learned that when there are things we refuse to see or deal with, the elephant is right in your face. When there are issues, concerns, problems, and stress that don't let us press forward, the elephant is there, sitting right in front of you. He's not moving, getting up, or trying to get out of your way. You and I have to say, "Hey, what's this? This can't be here. We have to do something about this. Let's talk about how to get this huge, smelly animal out of this room through that small door or that not so big window."

It's time to talk. Talk to your wife and say, "Sorry." O k. You say, "I already did say sorry." But I think you need to say it from your heart and not just say sorry, don't do it again. Talk about what you did and ask her how she feels. Talk about what you will do when the memory of the past just flies by and starts to haunt you. Plan on how you will pray and not fight. Plan on how you will overcome and keep growing together. Maybe you need to talk to your husband. Whatever it is, do it.

It's time to talk. Talk to the people that were once part of your congregation. Hey, maybe they were even close friends. Something happened. You tried to talk about it and it seems parting ways was the best idea. But the offense has not been removed. The hurt is still hurting. The memories of what was said, how it was said, and what was unfairly done is eating away in some people's lives and you know what? They can't move on to another church without believing it's all going to happen again. It's time to talk and truly pray for healing. God heals and restores relationship. Isn't that what He's all about? Relationships.

It's time to talk. Talk about issues that affect people. Saying, "I love you." but you have no idea what that means. Just because God is love doesn't mean we automatically know how to love or even receive love. We need to pray and ask the Lord to pour out a love in us that will explode. We need a love that will transform us first so we are not easily angered, offended, and fake with others.

The elephant is till there. It's in your house. It's in your church. It's in your life. It's in my life and in my home. We need to talk about these issues because they're not going away. 
The Lord wants to come back for a church that is holy, pure, joyous, spotless, blameless and ready to hear His call. Are we ready? Are we truly free in our hearts? Or, do we see the elephant laying on his fat butt and refusing to go away. I pray this week will give you the strength to face the issues in your marriage, with your kids, in your church. 

God is interested in having a great relationship with you and me. And, you know what else? He's very interested in seeing us, you and me, get our relationships restored once again.



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