Monday, July 15, 2013

Days of blessings are all around us. Sometimes we just have to open our eyes wide enough to see the great things right in front of us. Other times, we need to take a step of faith and walk into the wonderful gifts God has waiting for us.

Today, I'm reminded of the blessing of family. I have so much to be thankful for. Who else is willing to love you through all your changes? We go through great levels of maturity as well as many episodes of needing to grow up, and yet, family, real family, stands by you, regardless of your mistakes, your hang ups and your lack of good judgement and extend their arms of love any way.

I think I have the kind of family that is perfect and imperfect. To me I have the perfect family because we all get along, we know how to love each other, accept one another's differences and we back one another up all the time. My family stands together with you through thick and thin, they walk with you through the fire and hold your hand through the darkest moments as well as the best! They are also imperfect. You will find we are still learning and growing, making mistakes and facing challenges the best we can each day. One thing for sure is we all face them with our faith and trust in God's never changing word. 

I am blessed to be part of a family that is amazing! The example of strength, courage, endurance, and hoping in the midst of hopeless situations are evidently seen in my parents. 
They are true pictures of standing strong in the tempest. Words of encouragement are always on their lips, especially mom. She listens, she meditates and when she speaks, I believe angels come near to listen in to our conversations. Her words are filled with faith, wisdom, love and seeing the future beyond the present situation. My dad is a strong tower we go and he always has a way to remind us of faith, the things we believe, and hope. 

My parents are amazing! They give me such an example of moving forward and always having something to do and someone to help. They are always taking on new projects. They're in the business of restoring. That's my analysis of their lives. People are always coming to them, even strangers, to share their lives and they end up leaving with great advice, encouragement, and a new view on living their lives with passion.

Well, I hope you see why I have so much to be thankful for. I know you are probably like me, filled with reasons to give thanks. Have an amazing week and remember to look for small moments when you can give thanks.



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