Friday, July 5, 2013

Lessons This Week


     One more week has flashed by.There were moments of happiness and there were moments of reflection. One of my highlights this week was reconnecting with people I thought I’d never get to see again or know how they were doing.

     I felt a joy I can’t explain when we reconnected. The child in me was awakened and I was able to relive certain memories that brought laughter and utter joy! 

Other moments I felt sad because I knew that certain friends I reconnected with are so far away. I promise to keep in touch.I am grateful for the precious time we were able to share.


     There were low moments as well. There were moments when I allowed myself to take inventory of the things going on in my life. I realize at my age I don't know it all and I still make mistakes. I don't have it all together and I still need to run to the Lord even for the small things in life. 
     So now here I am, telling myself to stop thinking about things and just make a decision on all these questions inside my head. Have you ever been there? So many questions and just thinking about what you should or shouldn't do? You start to think about who will be affected by your choices and decisions and before long, you’re back to square one, nothing done.

     The week is over and I believe God has opened my eyes to things I need to do:

  • Reconnect with people. They might need you but you need them as well. Healing in our lives can come when we do for others.
  • Believe God will bring clarity to those things in your mind that are blurry and unclear. Trust in His timing.
  • Get bold and do what you have to do even if no one helps. Be the brave and courageous person you have always been.Get that paperwork done! No more waiting!
  • Don't wait for others to do what you have to do. Just go on and do it. What happened to the fearless you?
  • Life is precious and only God decides when it is over!
       There are still so many things I have to work on in my life. Maybe you do, too. This I know, God has something better for you and me. We're going to have to believe Him and wait. This is part of my journey, believing, waiting, trusting, and never giving up. 

    Lord, I am going to trust you to get me on my feet and moving. I need your help so I can be who you created me.I wait upon you Lord.

   I  encourage you to trust the Lord as this new week begins. 
  Give Him every area of your life and wait for something great to take place. I'm in expectation of something new. I hope you are, also. Take care. Until next time.



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