Saturday, July 6, 2013



Inspired after watching Jacob at football practice today.
     Under the rising heat of morning sunshine, Jacob’s team is following directions to run the area of the field. Non-negotiable drills follow the run that soon leads to more running.  There is very little shade to be found during the exercises as the morning flames lap around each child. 
The Coach directs the team to go for water and they swarm like hungry bees in unison towards the water area.

      Jacob is never one to leave his team at any moment. He’s been taught that the team stays together at all times. So I know something is wrong as he walks away from his team towards me.
     The first thing on my mind is, “Low sugar, get the juice!” Red, flushed faced, he sits down and says he's not feeling well. I check his sugar to find that it is actually a little high. I cover him and get him hydrated with water knowing he has more running and jumping to do. He rejoins his team for some more action. You see, Type 1 Diabetes has a way of showing up and saying, "Here!" When you want to just have a normal day. 

Through all this, my eyes never leave his side. I can tell something isn't right, but somehow, the fighter in him doesn't let the symptoms he is feeling become a stop sign. What can be a stop sign to many is but a pause for Jacob, and he comes to me.

This time he's sick. The heat has really gotten to him and he's not well at all. He's by the gate throwing up and I pray, "Lord, guide me here. Please take control." After some thought, I tell him the best thing to do is to go home. His eyes speak loudly that he wants to stay but, is also aware he's  feeling horrible. We share with the Coach what is going on and get ready to leave. 

As I pick up my belongings, Jacob looks at me and says, “Mom, I’m staying. I have to keep going. I can’t stop now!” He smiles and just runs back towards his team. 

Coach stretches out his hand  to shake it thinking we are leaving and Jacob just smiles and says, “No, I’m going to stay.” Everyone just looks at one another and smiles.
The Coach looks at me, hands in question pose, and all I can say is, “He wants to stay. He doesn't want to stop.” That's my fighter, my son, he's not going to quit without a fight!

My son goes on, non-stop through all the drills, all the routines and every run for the next four hours. At times he runs and at times he walks the field, but he never, not once, takes a break. He pushes himself in ways I've never seen him do before. He maintains speed and pace with his team and performs at his peak level of ability not once stops to complain or give his body time to wave a flag of surrender.

I'm not trying to say my son is a super kid. If you stay with me you'll soon find out where I'm going and why I'm sharing about my son.

 Through the heat and the intense workout, my son never gave signs of wanting to quit, even when I advised him to. He kept going, believing, wanting to do his best more than anything else. He endured with joy!

No one put a stop sign on Jacob today. In the midst of feeling horrible and with reason to quit and go home he decided to remain true to his Coach until the end.

 As I sat here watching, God’s words came to my mind.....

“Will you remain in the race and endure until the end?

Will you push yourself to keep going in the midst of not feeling so wonderful and many things going wrong around you?

   Are you listening to your Coach and believing you can do anything?
Will you get back in the race when it feels like you can’t go on or your world is falling apart?”

     Sitting here, watching Jacob, the phrase, “Who put a stop sign?” pops into my mind and I know that Jacob will be the inspiration for me to write today. He will be the image in my mind when I think it’s time to call it quits. I am getting a lesson in life by watching my son, his team and his Coach.

We have to keep going in the midst of adversity. Do not give up when you are assaulted by sickness or problems. See the prize before you like Jacob does. There is a reward if we remain true until the end. You know His Word; I don’t have to keep writing it over and over again. Jacob looks forward to a trophy, a championship, fun and excitement. 

We look forward to His Presence Now and always with us. 
My son looks forward to wearing football equipment, a uniform that shows he's part of the team. You and I are part of God's team, covered in His grace and love. We can make it.

Who put a stop sign if front of you? No one? Then keep going. Let’s walk hand and hand together and run if we have to until the very end. Jacob made it through the day and at the end said, "Wow, that was some workout!" I'm so proud of him right now. Diabetes is not a stop sign and neither should problems that come to slow you down.

As we continue to go forward our Heavenly Father looks at us and brags about us, I'm sure, "That's my son and my daughter. They are not going to throw the towel in. Just watch them go!" Here's cheering you on!



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