Saturday, July 27, 2013

Remembering When My Children Were Younger

When They Were Born:
I remember when my kids were smaller, especially when they couldn’t sleep, that I’d stay with them throughout the night. I’d lie next to them on the bed, or sit on the floor, reading stories and singing praises, inviting the Lord to be in our home as they slept. I always ended each night time routine with prayer. We prayed for family, friends, and enemies, too.

My Priorities:
Something that was important to me when they were smaller was getting them to learn Scripture and modeling prayer time. I always imagined what they would do if something happened to me? I wondered how they would face a difficult time in life. It was very important for them to know what God’s word says in regards to their situation, they would be alright. I also wanted to make sure they understood that God listens to our prayers, forgives our wrongs, and promises to be with us. So, nighttime was also like our growing in the Lord time, as much as possible.

A Heart Experience:
I had my niece at home for the weekend, and during bedtime, I began to sing lullabies and then worshiped the Lord, inviting His presence into the room as she slept. I prayed over her and continued to bring our family before the Lord.  It was then that I felt a strong stirring in my heart. “Why aren't you doing this with your children the way you used to when they were younger?” Yes, I whispered back, how I've lessened that time.

A Parent’s Greatest Gift to their Child:
The cares and rush of life take over. We grow tired and become parents of a quick prayer, a hug, a kiss and reminding them to read their bibles before they fall asleep. In the past, if I had to break night with them, I would. If they were sick or felt afraid, I was ready to battle the biggest enemy attacking by praying through until they could sleep and the home was filled with peace and God’s presence.

Excuses, Excuses:

Having to work the next day early and working at home perhaps consumed me and maybe I allowed that to become an excuse. Perhaps my mind became too confident in thinking they are grown and don’t need mommy sitting with them at night. Our children don’t just need us praying in private for them. We need to continue to pray with them especially when they’re younger. We need to teach them God’s word because it is their defense, their sword, and life. The devil doesn't take a break, so why should we?

They Need to Know:
Our children are being bombarded with all kinds of situations throughout the day and even more at night. We still need to lead them in prayer and show them the rawness of our heart’s cry before the Lord, especially now that they are getting older. Our children need to know where to find the answers in the Bible so that they can find it, defend themselves, and use it as a reservoir of strength. We can’t be there all the time, but God’s Word is not only timeless, it is alive and able to accomplish greatness in them.

Help Me, Lord:

Lord, forgive me for having become complacent and lazy when nighttime comes. Forgive me for having time for everything else, and putting other responsibilities before the greatest one of all, which is leading my children to always seek Your face and follow after your heart. Help us to end each night with times of meditation in Your Word and coming before You in prayer and praise. I thank you for challenging me once more to walk before You completely surrendered in every area. My children are yours and I praise You for all you are doing in their lives. Guide me to be the mother my children need each day and show me how to leave a path that leads to You. Let my life be an example of serving you without compromise, with total surrender, and no limits in my commitment to you. 
I love you Lord. In Jesus Name, Thank you. Amen.



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