Monday, July 8, 2013


Tonight I can sleep a little better.

Something has happened that has made all the difference.
There’s a smile that wasn't there before. Breathing seems easier. A tremendous weight has been lifted. I feel like life has been extended towards me and Heaven’s company rejoices with me.

The challenge was given and for a long time, I resisted.

I allowed so many questions to bombard my mind and for a while my heart doubted and reasoned within me when all I had to do was lean on God’s goodness and follow after His leading.

But it’s done. I obeyed. 
The response didn't come immediately and so I waited.

These are the words that continued to ring in my heart and mind:

This is what the Lord has begun.There are people in our lives that we've had great misunderstandings with. Momentary confusion has led to break ups and let downs. Confusion of messages wrongly delivered or never delivered has created such deep separation between friends. Hurts have birthed resentment.

The uncertainties of the cutting away have planted deep roots of bitterness and the growth has been tremendous wounds. Time has passed and our years of desiring God’s presence have at times been times of searching for something greater, but these wounds and these painful moments have been buried away in the back of our memories and we've not dealt with them. We've prayed for revival, healing, deliverance, and always there has been something in the way.

And we hear God saying, “ Repair, Mend, Fix, Forgive…” And we respond, “Later.” Still wanting Him to meet our needs immediately. 

This is what the Lord is doing in my life. He is shining the Flashlight deep into the forgotten places in my heart, where the hurts hide, where the lack of forgiveness for stupid reasons have been filed away and where resentment for so many things has built walls so high. 
God is in the business of changing lives. He is also in the way of showing us that we need to be restorers of things broken in our lives.

He has freely pardoned all our wrong doings. We should be even quicker to forgive and let go.

God has given me this gift by shattering my pride and my fears so that I can reach out and say, “Forgive me. I’m sorry.” Or, “You hurt me, but I still want and need you in my life. Can we start over?” This gift has come through answered prayer as the Lord is restoring people in my life that I thought were long gone and I’d never be able to hear their voice again. He is a God of mercy.

Restoration has begun tonight and for that I am grateful and blessed. Do you need to start on your journey of restoration, forgiveness and healing, just like I did? It's never late to start over. Today is the day to just do what you have to do.
Lord, thank you for helping us on this journey towards being whole in our relationships and in our hearts. Amen.



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