Friday, July 12, 2013

When Is She Coming?

Have you ever been in expectation of something coming in the mail of from UPS or Fed Ex? You can't keep quiet because you know when it gets here you will do back flips in the hallway.
What about waiting for someone to visit? Family that you love like crazy or a friend you haven't seen for a long time makes you get the house ready, a special dinner, flowers and all in place. Your love for that person creates such an expectation that you want them to hurry up and get here.

In my home, one of the times it gets really crazy, especially me, I must confess, is when my niece is on her way. If you see her you would immediately fall in love with her. She's not only beautiful and perfect in so many ways, she is a special baby that is always smiling. In our family, it's been ten years since anyone has held a baby, so its like we all gave birth and have this new joy in our lives. As I meditated on knowing she'll be in my home again soon, it's as if a soft voice spoke into my ear and I can't tell you how I felt.

My niece is beyond her time, alert and playful. She seems to remember us each time we meet and its as if she uses her feet to express her joy. Like, "Hooray! We're going to do something fun!" My kids go crazy looking for things to play with her. Aaron starts video taping. Jeru photographs every little cute moment and Jacob reads to her, puts the games for her like she's ready for kindergarten, and talks to her with such tender love. Even old Frankie turns into a baby around our niece, dancing and making faces. Poor little girl. She's not spared the faces he makes but she seems to welcome them with dancing feet and gurgling sounds. 

Can you get an image in your mind why our family goes "CRAZY!" at the mention of baby coming for a visit? Can you picture the pacing and waiting til the text comes in, "We're here."?

"Do you have that expectation for My 
Presence in your home each day? Have you prepared your heart for my visitation each day? How are you preparing for my arrival?"

And I realize that Lord, you are so right. I have placed you aside on my rocking chair with Bible on pillow cushion and I've gone about my day, busy. I use to have greater expectation each morning to wake up to seek You and talk to You, but I became conformed to just letting things be as they are. I've allowed situations in my life blind me to the reality that your coming is closer each day.

Have we, as believers, made our the homes of our hearts ready for His arrival? Have we gone crazy preparing our lives and making every corner of each room beautiful and presentable?
Lord, restore the fire in my life, in our lives, to live each day in expectation of your greatness in our lives.

Forgive me Lord for complacency. I open the doors of my home and say, "Come Lord." Not just in your great coming for us as your bride, but come every day. I extend wide my arms and surrender every crevice of my heart, my soul, my spirit and my mind to Your Presence, Your reality in my life. I bow before you and recognize you as the greatest guest I could ever have the honor of allowing into my home and into my life. 

So yes, I'm still going to always be super thrilled when company comes, especially our amazing niece, but isn't it awesome to be in expectation together for God's grace and love, each and every day, even more!



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