Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Cleaning and Dancing Marathon

Time is going by quickly. Students return to school in a few days and before you know it, we'll be taking out our sweaters and warm jackets, getting ready for hayrides and apple picking that will lead us right into giving thanks, sharing a turkey dinner and then get ready for Santa. Time is going by too quickly.

So, today I'm on a mission to get my house ready for all these upcoming celebrations. It all starts out with my sons celebrating their birthdays in September. To me, that's a sign to start redecorating, changing everything in the apartment and that Summer is somewhat officially over.

Saturday Plan:

Let's take care of me and then the house. If you know me, you know I'm brewing some coffee. I have my cornbread ready. Wish I could send you some.

FIrst, taking laundry out to be washed and dried. I have a long week ahead and don't want this burden on my mind. Maybe you're like me and you don't have the energy or desire to get things like housework or laundry done every day. So when the enthusiasm is there, take advantage and do all you can for the days when you're lazy, tired, or not feeling well. 

Back home so soon? Great!

Now, put on some fast paced, energetic happy music for dancing to get the day going. Click on video and leave it on as you read. It's one of my favorites.

I think the kitchen is crying
out, "Me first!" So, let's get 
this party started.

Heavy duty mopping next.

Get that bathroom spotless.

Clean dish pantry and change summer dishes to fall dishes. 

Change all the curtains,
bathroom included

Put away summer pillows 
on sofa and take out 
everything autumn

Open up trunk and pull out 
all the fall decor

Purchase autumn color candles with harvest/fall scents

Change all the linens/quilts 
and put out the pretty ones 
with autumn colors.

 I'm in the mood for yellows and oranges to take small spaces of this apartment and make it warm like the glow of pumpkin spice next to pine cones pouring out the aroma of cinnamon. The throws I put away will have been rinsed and now I can place them 
on the sofa for cool days up ahead.

I guarantee, I don't wake up wanting to do this every Saturday. Some days I want to be a slug on a rug and stay in bed, pretend nothing has to be done. But, ladies and gents, if we don't come together as a family to make our home beautiful, our family will not want to be in a messy, confusing home. So, even if it's one thing on your list, get it done, and get it done with joy and the best way you can!

Happy Getting Ready for Fall Cleaning! 



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