Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ode to Aaron

When the Lord decided to send you,
I wondered who you would be,
My heart desired a son
Imagine, a boy, formed inside of me.

Your few months were not easy,
Sickness tried to steal your destiny,
Tiny bundle, never complaining
In my arms, trusting me.

I remember when doctors were without answers,
You'd die, they said, we cannot help him heal,
Desperate, I fell on my knees on that cold hospital floor, 
Praying,"Lord, Only You can touch my child."

Visitors were not allowed
Unless masks and gowns covered them whole
My heavenly gift was slowly fading
On my knees, I surrendered my gift to the Lord.

"It's a miracle!" said doctors after new tests were done.
"After long weeks or waiting, everything has changed."
This started the beginning of my son's amazing life,
The Lord had done a great thing!

Aaron, your life has great purpose
Don't ever doubt the reason you're here,
For the way you think and talk about the Lord, 
shows God is with you, never fear!

The talents, your gifts, your struggles, your questions, 
These things all make the awesome you,
The Aaron Josiah, the miracle son,
Without you, what would I do?
You're a wonderful brother,
and a great son!

So, September 4, 1993
Straight from the Lord, you were given to me,
Forever I'll be here for you and love you,
Forever I'm in expectation of the great things God has for you. Go forward and have faith, follow after your dreams, One day doors will open and you will be in awe of what the Lord has done.

We celebrate your life!

You were born,
For such a time,
As this....



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