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When I was around  3 months pregnant with Jacob, , I began to experience early labor pains at work. I had been through this before with my other two pregnancies and during lunchtime let my principal know what was happening. I called my doctor from my job and he told me to go straight to the ER believing I was in early labor. I was admitted and told that I had a very large fibroid and that this pregnancy had to be terminated. The fibroid was big and it was not allowing the fetus (my baby) to grow and develop and that all he could tell me was to abort. "You're still young." he said." I'll give you and your husband some time and come back to know what you want to do."

I answered, "The God that decided to place him in my womb will decide what happens with this baby." I was constantly with contractions and in and out of the hospital. Each time, the doctor would say, "He is not growing. He's not going to develop normally. You will regret this." 

Once more I declared, "My God is in control." I shared with my family prayer group Mom, Dad, Tito, Christina, Alex, Wendy, Dinorah, Frankie and my kids during a family get together to pray. Each time, my brother Tito had everyone lay hands on me and begin to pray, declare life and believe for a miracle. 

This child had been promised to me and I would not even think of doing what the doctor said I should do. He said the baby was just a fetus and didn't know what was happening. Every doctor that saw me had the same opinion every time. At least ten or more doctors saw me and it was always agreeing with my doctor. 

I fell on my knees and cried out to God. I was on bed rest, unable to care for my other two wonderful children and holding on to the only words that gave me strength, God's Words. Two weeks after the prayers of our church family, I returned to the hospital. Sonograms once again were taken and doctors began to walk in and out of the room and asking me questions. I got angry and said, "What's going on? Why do you keep asking me the same questions? Is something wrong with my baby?" They all made me wait and I began to sing. Yes. If you know me, you know I love to sing. My song of choice was Forever You Will Be, The Lamb Upon the Throne. I thought of my baby and what this child will do and be. You will live and not die! 

My doctor walked in, with his smile, and said, "Duran, Duran." A smile? Good news then. Thank you Lord. You are in charge here.

"Duran, Duran, I don't know what you did or how it happen but maybe, just maybe, it's like you say all the time, God was going to do something and I think He did."

My heart was pounding, inside I was rejoicing and tears of gratitude rolled down my cheeks. "The fibroid was very big. Look, here, see. This is you each time you came, it was getting bigger. Look. The baby never grew. The baby was not growing. Do you see this here?"

 I just followed his finger as he pointed to the photos. "This is today. Everything is the same so we know it is you. But, look. The very big fibroid is completely gone and your baby is bigger. Look at your baby now."

Right there, I thanked God. "Doctor, God has done it." "Yes, Duran Duran, He has. I can't take credit for this. It is a work of the divine."

I cannot tell you I was off bed rest, I was not. Jacob still came super early. But, he was born a healthy, big, beautiful and precious bundle of smiles and hugs all ready for me and all of us that love him. Later on, yes, he developed Type 1 Diabetes, but this has not been a stopper for our fighter. He has continued to surpass our expectations in every way, meeting great challenges along and the way, and never, ever giving in. On September 21, 2002, the child God had promised me one day was brought into this world.

I know that many mothers have gone through many of the same problems in their pregnancies. I also know that many always take the doctor's word for everything. I can tell you I regret a lot of the advice I followed with my previous pregnancies in regards to preterm labor medication and procedures. But, we learn from everything, including mistakes. Do not lose hope. Each child is a blessing. God is in control. He has allowed that FETUS to begin to have a heartbeat as soon as it was created. Yes, it doesn't look like much, but so many of us don't look like much now either and God is still at work in our lives. Yes, the FETUS seems without feeling or worth to many, but Oh, God's Word says, that while that child is carefully being formed in the mom's womb, God already sees their future. 

God blessed us with one more miracle. His name is Jacob. I will always praise you Lord! You are amazing! Happy Birthday Jacob Gabriel, our champion!

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