Friday, January 24, 2014


Broken and blessed.

Broken things are usually things we try to put together again with crazy glue or tape. If they seems beyond repair and saving, we discard broken things by tossing them into the garbage. But, what do we do when the broken thing is our heart, our family, our marriage, our emotions or our present reality? 

How do we or can we put these physical and emotional pieces back together with glue and tape? Is it easier to discard the broken relationships, and ignore the brokenness of our lives? Do we find a life size garbage bag and place ourselves, our families, our finances, and every area that seems beyond repair into it and lay it to the side for Tuesday's garbage collection?

I don't know where you find yourself today. Maybe like me there are areas in your life that have fallen like a porcelain figurine and they seem beyond repair. I don't know what answers the Lord will give you in regards to putting back together something that has come undone in your life. I do know that only the Lord will show you what to do and how to allow His healing to heal a broken relationship or a wounded heart. 

Only God can show you when it's time to walk away from a relationship or a situation that keeps you being broken in the inside. This I do know, that God will take the broken pieces your place into His hands and make it a blessing, a testimony, a triumph, and a victory ~only~ if you truly turn to Him and surrender it all by faith to Him.

Maybe today is a new day to start seeing those broken areas in your life as candidates to become blessing things in your life~ when we allow the Lord to do the healing work in us.



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