Thursday, January 23, 2014


Twice I've attempted to fall asleep but I can't.
My friend's words are deep in my thoughts and the things taking place in my life remind me to pay attention to what has been said. You see, he shared a video with me about a baby who is in a church being prayed for. The baby had been violently shaken by the babysitter and was now in a coma. The mom, in desperation, had heard that God heals and had, against doctor's advice, temporarily taken the baby out of the hospital and to the church to be prayed for. 
It takes faith to do something like that.

To make a long story short, after a very long time in prayer, interceding and crying out before the Lord, the baby responds, reacts, awakens, and seems to acknowledge something is happening around her. The congregation rejoices and it is evident, God had started restoring this baby's life.

"Remember this!" My friend told me as he shared. "This is what the church is supposed to be doing." Those words, "Remember this!" have haunted me daily because I knew I had to write about this but how? How Lord, do I write about faith and your healing power when I live with the effects of sickness daily. I've battled it out in my mind for weeks. How do I present this when at times I've felt as if the miracles happen elsewhere and my home is too far away for a heavenly visitation.

As I wrestled with my faith, God began to deal with my heart. He showed me that He is Healer, even when the healing doesn't seem to come. An old friend was very sick and we all prayed with the family for him to be healed. Although words of encouragement had been spoken, it was the Lord's will to take him home. Yes, we prayed for his healing but God came and took him into His presence. 

Was it that God chose not to heal him? I realized that sometimes in His love and mercy, he can heal those we love by taking them home. This is when it started to unfold before me and I could see it all in a different way. I think I understood it like never before. Was this what my friend was trying to get me to understand? The church needs to become the voice of prayer, intercession, crying out in faith like it used to be. Like it's supposed to be.

God is Healer. He heals the sick and the brokenhearted. Nothing is difficult for Him, nor impossible. God sent His Son into the world to not only bare our sins, but carry every infirmity, sickness, illness, disease, pain and affliction.

Sometimes the healing comes completely and we rejoice! No more medication. No more treatments.
Other times, the healing comes through medical intervention. God gives man wisdom and ability to create what will keep the body going. 

We continue to pray and have faith while under a doctor's care. And, sometimes, God heals us by taking us home. Our eyes close in this world and to the suffering in our present condition, and we open our eyes in God's presence, no more pain or sorrow.

No matter what happens, or how God chooses to keep His promises, I will remain faithfully believing that He carried every burden and every sickness. By His stripes we were healed! The Bible declares it and I chose to believe it and stand upon that promise.

There is healing going on throughout the world. Some people say, "Oh, he heals in third world countries because they have more faith." I choose to live in expectation of a miracle each day. Not only in my personal body, but I hold my children out to the Lord believing every promise of healing is for them, for my parents, my brothers, my friends and everyone who believes. I've made it my business to go back to searching scriptures that talk about healing moments. 

I've made it my business to look for passages that show healing and marking them up again as if I am reading them for the first time. I've made it my business to pray God's Word with assurance that in His time, His will, and in His way, not mine, healing will begin. Healing. We need healing in our bodies and in our hearts. We are living in times when we don't know what will happen with medical insurances and medicine. Isn't time we remember He is Healer, He is able, All powerful and willing to heal?
Lord, you know everything that is going on in my family, in my home.

Pray and have faith. All sickness, all disease is under the cross. We call them out by name and declare God's power to heal is commanding them to go! Diabetes, Asthma, Heart disease, Kidney failure, Seizures, Skin disease, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Auto Immune problems, Infections that won't go away, Migraines, Nerve damage, Epilepsy, Paralysis, Alzheimer, Brain damage, Comas, and every sickness, in Jesus name, you have been served an eviction notice because God's healing has taken residence in our bodies.

Lord, there is nothing hidden from you. You know how sickness has come to attempt permanent residency in this family. We are part of a new covenant and I hold on to the belief that in You I have every promise, every blessing, every provision and everything that belongs to me as your child. I speak healing to my children, healing to their bodies. 

Lord I ask you to revive the organs that are not working in their bodies, touch their entire bodies, renew and restore their auto immune system, bring to life the pancreas, the kidneys, heal cells not working properly, remove damage done to the brain during coma and convulsions, remove damage done to the nerves and the spine, remove problems with the heart, the lungs, and the nervous system. You are Healer, Lord. In You I trust. To You we come knowing You are our Father and we can trust in You. 
In the Mighty name of Jesus, we pray for healing and wait on You, Amen.

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