Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Fear comes in so many forms. It shows up to distract you, paralyze you, and stop you from accomplishing your daily tasks, your dreams and the calling on your life.

Fear stands in your way, blocking you, pushing at you, full force so that you can't make it to the finish line. Fear freezes you so you cannot run or push through to the end of your goals.

Fear. Is it really that powerful and that strong that it makes armies to tremble in their armor so that they will not confront the giant before them? Is it really gigantic and menacing, disarming the most powerful arsenal in humans known as faith and courage?

Today, you can no longer just stay still and let Fear step up all into your face to keep you back. Today, you can no longer allow Fear to hold you down on the chair, so that you stay there, depressed, confused, sad, thinking how bad you feel, pity party time and not able to step back into who you know you are. 

Today, fear is the coward and you push him back. Today, fear decreases in size and the shadows that once powerfully overwhelmed you, shrink to miniature dust mites you will no longer give admittance into the arena of your life.

Today, fear is left paralyzed as you take hold of God's hand and declare from the roof top, "My trust and my hope is in the Lord!"
Who are you? Who are you? What are you made of?
Rise up, mighty women of faith! Get up, mighty man of faith!

Push yourself up and shake off the limits that have chained you down. Command the fear to leave in Jesus name. Plan anew those ideas, those visions, those dreams and your goals, for I know they are many. Write them down and begin to declare that God is with you and nothing and no one will keep you down any longer.

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