Thursday, January 23, 2014


You look in the mirror and ask, "Who are you?" Yes, who are you? No one knows, only you. The mirror smiles knowing it holds so much against you, enough to break you, over and over again. "Who are you?"

"I will tell you," says the mirror. And it's wicked mouth, filled with venom, opens to speak.

You are ugly!Look at you. Disgusting! Oh, yeah, you can use makeup to hide what you want to hide, but I know what's really inside that head of yours, no matter how much make up you put on or how you do your hair. No one loves you!

You are worthless! Don't try to hide the truth of your past. I still remember. I have always been here, like a fly on your wall, watching, observing, listening and keeping, shall we say, my own personal diary?

As the mirror spits out poison, you walk away covering your ears. "NO, Stop!" You scream. You don't want to go into that dark place all the way in your memory where you have tried so hard to forget and forget and forget. 

The mirror continues to show moments in your childhood where you have been hurt, brought to great shame, taken advantage of, and forced into things you should never have been made to do. 

It's time to get ready and go on with your day but the past has come to haunt you, paralyze you and throw you to the corner, helpless, like a rag doll, again. "When will it stop?" you cry out. "I wish I were dead!" In the midst of your darkness and pain, God steps in and speaks. Will you listen? "Ugly? Impossible! I created you with my own hands. Everything I create is good, amazing, beautiful and perfect."

Psalm 139: I will praise You because I have been remarkably and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, and I know this very well. 

And now you have a choice. Whose voice and whose words will you listen to and believe? God steps in and says, "Give me all the brokenness in your heart and mine. Give me all your pain, your shame, the hurts in your heart that no one knows exist in you, but I see them."

The people that have hurt you will have to face God and account for all the wrong they've done to you, for all the hurt and confusion they've caused you. The Bible says, It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a milestone hung around your neck than to cause one of these little ones to fall into sin. (Luke 17:21 and Matthew 18:6) 

It never was or is God's intention or desire for you to be hurt. The devil is a liar and the only voice speaking to you through that mirror is one that comes from darkness and not life. 

God extends healing for your heart today, to make you new, to remove the past. True, memories remain, but if you will trust the Lord to heal every wound, every scar, everything you feel, little by little deliverance and freedom will come and you will know how beautiful, amazing, wonderful, perfect and precious you are. Stop believing lies! You're perfect! Not overweight, underweight, ugly or soiled! NO!

You are more than storehouses of jewels. You are worth more than all the stars and sunsets throughout history combined. Your beauty is not only on the outside but God, who makes all things new, has taken your beaten up heart and made it new, completely new.

Let's pray:

Lord, today I pray for women who have been abused and hurt in so many ways in their childhood. I pray for women affected still in their adulthood. We don't understand why these things happen, but we know that there is healing from these memories. Lord, I pray for your power to be released into each wounded spirit and that you would pour out your healing and your grace upon each life. Lord, these women need you today. 

They need to be set free from the torment in their minds that keeps telling them lies, that they are worthless and can never move on. Help them reclaim their bodies and be made whole. Help them today to find the source of their joy in Your presence. Pour out your mighty power into their lives and restore what the enemy has taken. Renew their hope, their dreams and hope. Bring forth new life in each one of the women that reaches out to you. Lord, silence the mirror's voice, silence Satan and every lie that has whispered lies into each young girl and woman to keep them from living life in victory and knowing only defeat. 

Release them to be the women you created them to be, powerful, victorious and able to do great things. Remove the guilt, the shame, the depression and the fears. Enable them to forgive those who hurt them. Heal eating disorders. Break every desire to end their lives and every destructive habit.

Lord, hold them in your love this day and let your love break free in their lives so that they can be amazing women at work, great leaders in their community, wonderful women serving you, and women of wisdom and after your heart as mothers. Give them your Spirit to guide them and lead them. Shut their ears to the voices that would try to come and remind them of the past. You have made all things new on this day and for that we praise you, worship you and give you all glory and honor. There is no one like you! You break darkness and your light shines through. Thank you, Lord for what you have begun in each life today. Thank you for each precious girl you protect and hide. Lord, keep the enemy away from these girls and send your angels to protect them as they sleep. I thank you, In Jesus Name, I pray all these things, Amen.

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