Sunday, January 5, 2014


Exhibit C- Church name, "Growing in Grace" 
in Spanish, "Creciendo en Gracia" I say, "Cult"

Jesucristo Hombre, 666 Church, Florida
Dr. José Luis De Jesús Miranda
Born in Puerto Rico, moved to the United States and claims Jesus Christ entered him, as in reincarnation, and now they are one, because he, Dr. Jose Luis, is Jesus Christ. 

Of course by now you now I'm going to write and say this man, claiming to be God, is nothing more than one more cult leader. He has an amazing worldwide following that includes some of the wealthiest people.

I will include different points on his claims and you can click on the links to read and view what I found during my research of this cult leader, who died in August 2o13, but has his followers awaiting his transformation. 

Here are a few fun facts on what this man believes to be his own divine revelation, taken and personally translated from Spanish to English so that you can read it just in case you go to his website and can't read Spanish:

  • He believes he is teaching according to the Apostle Paul (ok, whatever that means)
  • He says he has shown people that they are not sinners
  • that Satan (the devil) no longer exist and was destroyed
  • Once you're saved you're always saved
  • There is wisdom in the number 666 (And that's why he tells his followers and members to get tattooed as he did to show that 666 is wisdom) sample below 

  • He teaches that people have to leave the other "Jesus" and belong to him
  • He asks followers, who else could have eliminated the doctrines of Christ such as baptism and the laying on of hands
  • He asks, "Who taught you that taking communion, eating bread and drinking wine) is a waste of time?"
  • being unmarried (celibate) is a doctrine of demons
  • Explained that the seal of the Holy Spirit is not speaking in tongues
  • He is without sin. Sin was taken away.

  • All followers need to do is give an offering
  • He says he came to do away with the lies of the religious systems of the Catholic and Protestant Church
  • Lastly he says, blessed one, be flexible, think with me, you must decide, "If this book, the Bible, is truth for you, if this book is the truth, then I am the Lord."

It saddens my heart to read all the foolishness and complete hogwash coming out of this man. You know why it has been so easy to get millions of people to follow him, get tattoos, and give their money to him? They believe him. And, you know why they believe him? They have not taken the time to read the Bible for themselves. If they truly knew God's Spirit in them, the very Words he is using to show he is God would pop out at them and tell them this man has deceived himself, big time.

Check Out These Links:

Spanish Article saying he died but is waiting for the great transformation

Dear Christian, you must take time to study God's Word. We are living in perilous times. Have you been visiting church for over twenty years and still only depend on what the Pastor preaches on Sundays. Do you take notes? Do you go home and search your Bible to see if what he taught is in the Bible or not? I've visited churches where I had to run out because of the pure ridiculous nonsense spoken from the pulpit. If you don't know how to detect when someone is not right, you too will be fooled.


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