Monday, February 10, 2014


Can we have some fun with this one?  
I've taken the time to have small conversations with special people I value very much. These moments with them have given me a glimpse into their hearts. We talked about our childhood, our teen years and the guys we dated and our first crush or Valentine's. Memories of favorite gifts warmed our hearts and corniest gifts made us laugh.  Can I share some of our conversation? You might find the perfect Valentine gift for him as we walk down memory lane. 

1) The Homemade Music Cassette with Music From the Radio

Well, we don't record from the radio on to cassettes anymore. Did you ever make one or get one? I remember this friend that would record Saturday Night DJ mixes and then try to pass them off as his own. Listening to "his" mix, you'd hear in the background, KTU or WBLS, and we'd laugh as he turned all red and want to hide.

A gift idea is music. Most everyone loves music for the car. Do you think an I Tunes gift card to download music is blah? Or, better yet, what about creating your own Music CD with some favorite oldies or new songs? Just thinking....

2) The Piece of Paper Passed in the Classroom

Usually the girls would start the message. I like you. Do you like me. Check yes if you do. The piece of paper went around until it got to that special person and your job was to check, put an X on circle the correct yes, no or maybe to whatever question was asked. 

So, have you written that special person any special message lately? How about a question like, Do you want to be my boyfriend/girlfriend? Circle yes or no. It's the silly things from our childhood that can make us laugh and rekindle joy in our relationships. How about a poem? If you're not a poet at heart, there are so many online resources to help you. What about it? Will you write a special note for that someone in your life today?

3) Sharing Snacks During Lunch Time

When someone liked you in school, something you looked forward to was sitting together during lunch. If you weren't in the same class, you broke every rule just to have a few minutes with your crush. Sometimes sharing snacks just between the two of you shouted to everyone else in the cafeteria, "He's mine. Back off!" Yup, cookies and potato chips have that kind of power.

What do you think about baking some goodies for your special someone? Wrap the goodies in a nice baggy or put them in a colorful box. You know what their favorite sweets or health snacks are. Why not put together a small basket of treats and you never know, they just might still want to share with you. Hershey kisses go a long way....

4) Can I invite my "friend" over for dinner?

I remember having that special guy friend over for dinner. My mom never complained. (love you mom) It was nice to have the table just for two. Sometimes I felt proud of what I served because I'd helped my mom prepare the meal. 

When was the last time you tried a new menu? Do you know what he/she likes to eat? Are you willing to attempt making a special meal and pay attention to any dietary restrictions in regards to their health or personal taste? A meal is a great gift for that special love in your life. It's personal, from the heart and one hundred times healthier, tastier and better than expensive restaurant meals that are super high in salt and sugar. Ouch! I just spoiled your going out to eat plans. Well, just an idea. I've heard homemade is always better. What do you think? What are you planning on doing?

5) So what do you want to do? I don't know. What do you want to do? I don't know. What do you want to do?

Young romance is often clueless of how to spend their alone time. Mistakes and bad choices usually bring the romance to an end. But, what if people take the time to ask, "What do you want to do?" or "If there was one thing I could get you, what would it be?"

Some men like gadgets, others like playing video games. (Oh, yes, that's the world we live in. I can't imagine my dad on playing video games when I was younger, but I've seen men all into their gaming.) Some men might be out of cologne, shaving supplies, need a manicure, or just want a book. I don't know. You have to ask. Maybe they just want to have some rest time, sleeping time after hours at work, or a nice cup of coffee. From watching the games, having their laundry done, to a back rub, only the guy in your life can share what they need or want.

The special lady in your life may be out of all her beauty products, and other items she might not think are worthy of being a gift. But, if she needs it, filling up a basket with those extra little things she uses everyday, but is running out of, can bring a smile to her face. A gift certificate to a nail salon or to get her hair done is not a bad idea. Maybe, like my brother and his wife have done many times, create your own gift certificate packet. What are the things she needs? A day off from cooking and cleaning? A day alone to be with her friends? Ask, you may never know that her biggest need is the smallest thing you imagined. So, are you going to ask?

Tell me, share with me, what do you think about these "back to memory lane ideas"? Maybe you have a better one. I would love my February blogs to be about love. So, if you have anything you'd like to share, go ahead. Leave a comment and I'll share it as well.

Above all, have fun! Valentine's Day is almost here and in my home, it's a family affair. My kids are part of my special day since I can remember. Small things we do together are to me the most memorable. Again, make it about having a great time together, even if you do something at home. 



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