Monday, April 7, 2014

Writing Your Story

By Angeline M Duran Santiago

The music set to wake you up comes on. You hit snooze and lay there hoping you could make time stop for just a few more minutes before you lead your warm feet off the cozy comforters and on to the cold floor. I say cold, because if you're like me, most likely you can't find your slippers, so you get up and keep walking. That very moment we start moving towards the next room, we begin to write our story. No, it's true. We don't wake up with pen in hand, but the story has begun the moment we take our next breath. The letters within us have created words and before you know it, full conversations are taking form in our kitchen as magical fingers weave the present chapter. 

Sometimes the story is full of morning glory, joyful music, exciting moments and hilarious surprises. Other times, the story begins with rainy clouds already hovering over our shoulder, as we push ourselves through blankets that seem hard as stone, and ask us to stay sleeping. For some, the story being written is painful, difficult, and no matter how much they try to change it, the ending is the same, over and over again. But, I believe stories are best written with the following tools nearby. Let's see, here are some erasers, white out, the delete button, back space, and lots of crumpled up paper because we can always decide to start all over. Maybe today we decide to throw away those first few minutes of our day and flood the waste basket with the hardships, the heaviness, and the struggles. 

Look, they're always going to be there, sometimes a lot, sometimes hiding. There's always a challenge before us. There's always a need, a circumstance to dare you to get up and keep going or stand down and walk out of the ring, yes, that's right, the boxing ring is in this story, too. So, what are we going to do? We're either going to scribble on the walls messages of hope and songs of heroic tales, while we take another step and add a good ending to today's chapter, or we can allow ourselves to be knocked down and just lay there like gum thrown on the street, part of the cement for everyone to step on.

Write your story! It's your story! You decide the ending. Yes, you really can! But, what if we invite God to take part in writing our story? Oh, how different each story will turn out. I haven't always believed this way but now I choose to. I choose to allow God to write my story hilariously. I choose to let God write my story ending as victoriously. I declare the ending to my story will be a surprise and in the midst of the days I cry out to God and hope for more, there is still peace because I know in whom I've placed my entire trust and confidence.
 My story. God is still writing my story.
Your story. Will you consider letting Him write yours, too?

I read my story and it makes others smile and laugh. I read my story and some are encouraged. What is your story going to say? Will it say defeated? Will it say Champion? Are you a character who will triumph through the storms or someone that will leap through the mountains? Your story is one that the world sees as you walk and talk. The world around you, your family and coworkers, regardless of their opinions about you see your story unfolding before their eyes and watch. If you're allowing God's presence to have a home in your life, then your story is filled with hope, with life, and a future. Oh, I wish I had the time to read all your stories. I know they are amazing. I close my eyes and imagine myself visiting your home, sitting down, and for one brief moment, turning the pages and being part of the great adventure of what God is doing in your life. Writing your story is as easy as taking the next step, and I hope you're doing just that.

I haven't had time to write lately, but oh, my brain if full of things to say and for today, all I could think of was, I hope you wake up and make sure the lines written to your next chapter are extraordinary, because you are more than amazing!

Francesca Battisteli, "Write Your Story on My Heart" Youtube Video 

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