Wednesday, May 21, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Hunger comes early in the morning for some people. For others, it starts somewhere in the middle of your day when you realize all you had was a cup of coffee. Some folks can go on the whole day without a meal, just water, and then have a big meal for dinner. 

I'm more like the person that feels hungry later on the day mostly because I got so carried away with what I was doing, I don't stop to eat until I really feel hungry. To look at me you wouldn't think that, but it's true. 

But, hunger, or being hungry, for me goes to another level. 
I'm talking about the kind of hunger that no matter how much you have before your eyes on your plate, you are not satisfied. No matter how much you have before you, it doesn't satisfy. That is how I feel. Not about food.
I am hungry to truly know more of who God is.
Moses spoke to Him face to face.
Enoch walked with Him.
He danced around in the fire with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.
He spoke to the prophets.
He told Joshua not to be afraid and promised to be with him as he had been with Moses.

I hunger to hear His voice.
I hunger to be in His presence!
I am hungry to know His will.

My heart and my flesh hunger for more, more of God, and it seems I can't get closer. 

God said, He is our provider and our healer.
I hunger to experience those promises in my lifetime, to see deliverance, miracles and God's promises take place in my family and friends.

Lord, I hunger for your presence.
Dwell in us like never before.
You are our strength so be our strength!
You are healer, so come and touch our weary and sick bodies.
You are courage, so come and fill us with boldness.
You are life, so come Lord, come and fill us with your life.

You are SHALOM. Come Lord and give us peace in our minds, our hearts and our homes.

I smell dinner is ready and soon my body will be nourished.
But, my soul....
My heart....
My Spirit....
Is hungry for Your Glory!



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