Monday, June 16, 2014


Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago

Something better is on its way.

I have to believe it and continue to believe it.

Something better, in this life, regardless of how difficult reality grows. It doesn't matter how hard the road before me becomes, something has to get better.

It's been too much of a dreary ride along the highway of life. There's been enough pain, enough disapproval and betrayal. Heartache and trouble have been present long enough.
Things have to get better.

Yes, I still see what's wrong.
I'm not blind.
I'm not without feelings or emotions.
Pinch me and I'll say, "Ouch!"
Touch my children and I'll be ready to react.
I'm not ignorant to the battle raging against me.
I'm not blind to the battle I've been thrown into.
Enter my home and evidence of battle is here.
Enter my life and proof of a battle is here.
Look into my mind and you'll see battle scars, old and new.
I have to confess and believe,
Things are going to get better.

How can that be possible?

Holding On

I choose to believe things will get better because God's promises, although not all have come to pass, have been birthed into my heart.

I choose to believe things will get better because of what He has done in the past and that hope and memory of who He has been in my yesterday's allows me to hold on and know for certain He is still the same One who will see me through my today's and my tomorrows.

He is not done. His work is not over.
He is still Healer, Restorer, and Makes all things New.

He touches the mind that is broken and facing the battle and still speaks peace where torment keeps trying to take over.
He touches the body that is broken with disease and sickness and strengthens and heals it to go on another day, or year.

He touches the broken life and speaks power into it. 
He touches the broken heart and speaks love into it.

Something better.
You decide.
You choose.
Something better is coming.
Today, tomorrow, or later on this week.

His promises will come to pass. 
If only you can believe.



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