Monday, May 5, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Keep Silent.
I Know this seems like the worst advice ever.
For some, being silent is like denying who you are. 
We know, you're the tough person who doesn't back down or stay shut from anyone. You have to prove everyone wrong because you're always right. Your need to be strong, or rather, fearless, needs to come out wherever you are. Obviously, we wouldn't want people to see you as a weakling, a step on mat, a coward or a get over. Nope. Not you, not me, right?

Well, the truth is being silent doesn't degrade or belittle you. 
Staying silent will not remove your bravery or self esteem. 
It takes a lot more strength and courage to remain silent when you know you are right and someone else is wrong.
It takes great self control and confidence in who you are to remain still when the shouts and the accusations are right in your face.

Why am I hitting this nail on the head so much?
I've decided to stay quiet in the midst of the misunderstandings. I've seen the results of talking back in the past and I don't want it ever again. I've learned that in the right time, God will speak up for me. God will use the least likely person to place you and me in a place of honor that we most likely don't deserve, but God allows it. To prove that He has our back, that's why.

Staying quiet is costly. It means holding back, biting your tongue and placing your faith in God's timing to work things out for your good, my good, according to his promises for us. It's not easy. Please, if anyone thinks it's easy, it is not! But, this I know, the more we practice allowing Him to fight our battles, the easier it gets to let go. I'm still learning, I assure you. I'm not perfect.

One thing I can tell you. Today God used others to defend me. He used others to speak on my behalf. He lifted a fight against those that would mess with me and I didn't have to speak a word. God took the battle waged against me and came right in front of me and took my place in the battle. He did it all! He will do it all for you, too. Peace. God has promised peace. At work, at home, and even on the train ride home. His presence. He has promised his presence to be with you, always. Be silent. Not because you're a wimp, but because your faith is in the One who commands thunder to shout out through the sky. 
Be silent. Not because you're a nobody, but because you're the somebody that Christ rose from the dead for, in order to prove you are a royal priesthood, an awesome generation.
Be silent and watch the Lord fight for you.

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